1. L

    GL300K (P4P V2 controller) soft bricked, no boot, can enter recovery

    I messed up and flashed a broken boot.img to the remote after unlocking the bootloader (I tried patching it with magisk), and now I've soft bricked it and it won't boot. I can get it to boot into recovery mode by holding down the button on the screen while turning on the remote, but it's a very...
  2. cheddarman

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

    If you look through this, and other Phantom 3 forums, what is the most common complaint / post calling for help? HINT: "My drone was working fine, I have just done a firmware update and now my drone won't connect to my RC - I get an ESC error - I can't see my camera view etc etc". In my humble...
  3. S

    P3 Firmware phantom 3 pro controller beeping red light and new firmware on drone wont work

    I have been trying all day to get my drone firmware and stuff set up im supposed to deliver it to a fellow tomorrow. the controller light blinks red and beeps insanely and ive tried all day to update drone firmware to the latest All-in-One firmware version updated tov1.11.20.2.Remote...
  4. Rep

    “Update” P4P to V2 via software?

    I’m new to the P4P world, and purchased a low-use pre-owned unit with lots of extras. I know very little about these awesome drones, but am becoming familiar slowly. Can’t wait to get to a level of confidence where I can let the grandkids assume the controls and know enough to jump in when...
  5. M

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 pro firmware won't update

    Dear Phantom Pilots, Help needed! I try to update my Phantom 3 pro. It fails as following: - I am using last firmware version P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin on micor SD - I start the drone to update, the normal process starts - but after 5 minutes of regular normal bip-bip-bip, it turns into...
  6. 2

    Cannot Take Off Probs

    Whats happening yall, having some issues. I have a P4P V1 that I fly regularly without issue. Since the new GeoFencing update, my drone will not take off. It says "cannot take off- in restricted airspace, must obtain authorization." I have up-to-date firmware, apps and everything. I know the...
  7. J

    P4PV2 - Reading flight logs to determine Slow Yaw / Gimbal Rotation

    P4PV2 - Purchased July 2018 Im having issues with my bird and a lot of people are having the same or similar issues from what ive seen. And it seems some peoples problems have gone after updating. Not mine though... Unfortunately i didn't see the issues until 2.5 months after purchase, because...
  8. J

    P4 Firmware P4P V2 - Wanting a copy of RC firmware V01.00.1000

    Hello Its simple... IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT. And ironically... ITS NOW BROKE, SO I GOTTA FIX IT. Looking for a copy of RC firmware V01.00.1000. Would be grateful if you had a copy. Please dropbox it too. DJI - Google Drive Thanks
  9. M

    P3P Aircraft will not go into Link mode, after FW upgrade

    Full disclosure - I crashed the Phantom pretty hard a few months ago. So I replaced the casing (yes it was a lot of tedious work). Put it all back together, and everything seemed fine. Everything connected. I could see the camera view in the DJI Go software on the controller. All was awesome. I...
  10. H

    P3 Standard firmware mods

    Hi all, I can confirm/reconfirm that the modification of the flight parameters in firmware 1.09.0200 are possible. I am flying long missions using Litchi for over a year now and what I was mostly interested in was the removal of auto-landing on low battery. Instructions for how to are...
  11. T

    P4P - Are we going to see another update?

    Just wanna hear all your thoughts to be honest. its pretty obvious that DJI have forgotten about the phantom series of drones, even though id say there still one of the best drones they produce, maybe not as portable as the mavics but I still love mine. I just want them to give them a little...
  12. A

    Connect PH4pro aircraft to PH3Pro controller

    Hello guys, I have a phantom 4 pro with a controller that needs to be replaced due to faulty battery. Mean while I have a number of PH3Pro controllers laying around and I was wondering if someone can walk Mr through the process of linking to my Phantom 4 pro? What I tried: I downgraded a PH3Pro...
  13. P

    Camera not available on djigo app next day, no green/red light on camera

    Owned Phantom 3 pro since inception. All of a sudden, about 3-4 weeks ago, my dji go app does not recognize my camera. Flew and photographed the day before without any issue day, no camera on iPhone 6 (which I have always used with remote). Everything else works ...I can even...
  14. Hallamnet

    DJI Racing Googles Issues with P4P + Obsidian

    Hi All YouTube Video to the issue at hand: - When connecting the DJI Racing goggles to the pro + controller, booting up the controller, connecting the P4P drone, Making sure i'm signed in to DJI Go, flight is restricted to 30m and 50m respectively and I cannot control any of the camera...
  15. G

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro link with rc fail, firmware?

    Phantom 3 Pro Good morning, I get in touch with you because I do not know what to do anymore. I tell you: the drone fell, not of a high altitude, if a couple of pieces related to the gimbal came out, that I could recover and reassemble, after that, I was able to fly 2 or 3 more times until it...
  16. J

    Camera Settings and Shutter Buttons not availablie

    My drone flies wonderfully and there is an image coming through on the DJI go app. However I'm not able to take photos or videos, adjust settings or even reformat my sd because the buttons are simply not there in the DJI go app on iOS (photo attached) and greyed out on android. I have tried...
  17. G

    P3S, RC stuck on FW 1.7.90, CANNOT UPDATE, STUCK ON 1.7.90

    Hi guys, I never once had a problem with my P3S up until its recent 1.9.20 update. I updated via wifi and everything seemed to check out ok. After updating I tried to do a flight but I could not get the AC to connect to the remote. Link indicator lights were both red on the AC and the RC. Tried...
  18. S

    My drone and me in Russia, no internet for 2 months

    Dear Pilots, I am completely new to the forum, but not new to flying phantoms. The picture is shot with me flying a P2. This summer I will go to arctic Russia (70 degrees north) with my P4a+ to film a documentary about research on geese. As I mentioned in the title, there will be no internet or...
  19. S

    P4 Firmware P4A Pano Firmware - May 2018

    Hi Can I please ask, is anyone testing or involved in the Beta testing for Pano mode firmware update for the P4A ? Also if you are or other people that have been in the past, what are the usual timescales for testing being moved into production(I appreciate subject to issues/bugs) ? Thanks
  20. Infinite_parts

    Phantom 3 Pro gimbal falls asleep after drone is turned on / no signal

    Hi folks, Another issue with P3P. Not sure what really happened but now P3P gimbal is falling asleep after drone is turned on. It dances that starting loop then green light blinks few times and camera goes down like falling asleep. I know that GL300C RC is recently upgraded. Yesterday this P3P...