P3 Standard firmware mods

Sep 7, 2017
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Hi all,

I can confirm/reconfirm that the modification of the flight parameters in firmware 1.09.0200 are possible. I am flying long missions using Litchi for over a year now and what I was mostly interested in was the removal of auto-landing on low battery. Instructions for how to are available on the internet using python 3
I had a bit of headache with Python on Windows so I just installed Ubuntu on a laptop and all worked fine from there.
Trying to update the parameters in two P3 Standard I come across first issue. One updated just fine while the other refused to start the update (even holding pressed the remote link button during initialisation' as recommended by the creator of the mod).
The solution in this case was to swap the cameras.....Not sure of the cause of this. Maybe different main boards on the cameras? Both P3S, both on 1.09.0200

I carried on tests before sending the bird away on a usual mission using last Litchi/Android and I got in a couple of trials in forced auto landing mode. Flying with no app, no problems, bird in the air at 0 procent, flying happy.
I noticed that in the last Litchi app the first press on the bird battery icon will display low battery warning 15% and auto land 10%. A second press will display 0 for both as should after the mods.
Seems that in newer Litchi there is an added feature against mods which can trigger an auto land but not necessarily right at the beginning of the mission or flight.

I have an older Android phone with Litchi 4.1.2 on it which cannot update Litchi. I get an error compatibility mode.
So I connected this one and went on the bird battery. 0 on both parameters from first press! Flying around ok. Flying missions with remote on or off for testing purpose bellow 10% battery all ok. Sent in usual missions, all went ok.

So be very careful of updating flying apps with modified hardware. Fly safe!

If anybody knows how to ftp or telnet in the last firmware let me know, please!
There is a thread about enabling FCC on the 5.8 but no firmware or detailed instructions given.
Or a true downgrade to 1.06 ....., apparently the last firmware which allowed root ftp access. Why I am saying true downgrade? Reading the downgrade log you will see a notice that some module cannot be downgraded.

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