1. chrislongley

    Am I reading this wrong?

    Was about to do a firmware update on my P3 4k, it's been a while since I used it. I like to use it with Litchi for short missions and for panoramas with Litchi as well. Are they saying they are going to restrict my flights to 50m distance and 30m high if I lose my connection, my phone crashes...
  2. D

    Latest Firmware p4p

    Are there any problems with latest firmware? I updated about 3 months ago and the firmware was causing lots of problems.So I wound it back to the last update. Wondering if DJI fixed the bugs yet.
  3. Vale

    P3 Firmware Bird FW update with Litchi?

    Hi Guys, maybe a stupid question... I'm using Litchi after making the change from CE to FCC. I was wondering if even litchi will warn me of new FW updates for the drone or if I'll have to do it manually .... In the case, how should I do? Thank you Vale
  4. Y

    P4 Firmware Will a firmware rollback wipe DAT files?

    Hi guys, Yannie here from the Mavic forums. I have a dilemma and I'm hoping for your expertise. For P4s, will rolling back my firmware erase the DAT files stored within the drone? Does flashing the firmware preserve these flight logs or erase them? Thank you, Yannie
  5. D

    P4P+ update for Pano

    Hi DJI or anybody else in the know I'm really unhappy with DJI for the disappointing treatment I'm getting for being a loyal supporter of a P4P+. Unless I've missed something we have still to receive the Panorama update while iphone and Android owners have already had it for about a month...
  6. F

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro firmware v1. 06 and later versiions zip.

    How can I find the PhotoM 3 Pro firmware upgrade version 01.06 and later? Can my aircraft update help be needed
  7. daddioJP

    P4 Firmware Features Gained by Updating

    Greetings all - I could use your verification and advice. I’ve searched the forums here for pros/cons of updating my firmware, the DJI Go 4 app, etc. Based on what I've found, I've compiled a list of features that I'd gain by biting the bullet and updating everything. I haven’t updated the...
  8. EPT160

    Anyone running latest Litchi with old P4P firmware?

    Hi all Litchi users, With my P4P I am still on firmware (from ~Sept 17) and everything is sweet with Litchi V3.10.9. (Android) However Litchi has had some bug fixes since and is adding features. I know Litchi says 'always make sure you have the latest firmware etc etc' ..... but...
  9. smackc4

    Best firmware with best range for P3S?

    I couldn't find this specific answer, so hope I'm not doubling up - but have long wondered, what is the Best firmware with best range for P3S? ... logically; the latest version of everything is usually 'the best', but I have experimented with several firmware versions, in an effort to obtain...
  10. Booyah89

    Firmware failure and No Connection to Go App

    I have a phantom 3 standard and it will not connect to the DJI Go app, I have tried everything, uninstalling/reinstalling, tried various tablets and phones, no luck. I just attempted to update to the newest firmware using an SD card and the update failed. Now, I am not sure what direction I...
  11. Morfus

    oops! Flashed p3p camera with p3s firmware.

    I recently put a new camera and gimbal on my p3p and was prompted to update the firmware. I was reluctant to do this given that everything was working properly so I delayed doing this. Everything was fine until I changed the sd card had a firmware file for a p3s and upon powering up the p3p it...
  12. Drogon

    Can not connect remote to P3A

    Good Morning! I am having a really hard time getting my remote to connect to my drone since updating to the latest firmware. Does anyone know of a site that would have posted the previous versions of firmware? Thanks
  13. R

    Phantom 4 pro gimbal buzzes after newest firmware update

    After upgrading firmware to the latest firmware ending with 0300, my camera hung and started buzzing. After clearing that, it now buzzes in the down postion. Also the image flips 180 degrees in the down position. After downgrading to the older firmware the image is normal but theres still the...
  14. furthertofly

    Braking...Return to Midpoint???

    First flight after aircraft firmware update and I'm getting a continual annoying warning I've never seen before -- "Braking -- Return sticks to midpoint to continue" or something like that. I'm flying at modest inputs, light breeze, in a wilderness setting -- nothing extreme about it. And, I'm...
  15. dougvg

    Photos reversed and color messed up since new firmware

    I "upgraded" to the new firmware yesterday (01.05.0300) and updated the Android version of Go 4 (1.1.28). Now, when I shoot a photo straight down using Litchi, the photo is upside-down and the color is off way toward the blue end. Other photos are OK. Any ideas?
  16. CharlieU

    P4 Firmware Class D Airport - Question

    How does the NFZ work? If a pilot was flying a Phantom 4 and for some stupid reason did not realize the aircraft was approaching the Phoenix, Arizona Deer Valley airport (Class D). At what point would the aircraft react to the NFZ and what will the aircraft do, stop, hover, land, RTH or some...
  17. L

    Advanced Signal lost on p3 advanced.

    okay, so basically my new (second hand) phantom 3 advanced has been having a bunch of issues since i bought it, the most recent of which is it permanently saying "signal lost" on my phone (gs7). I have tried updating firmware and relinking the controller, neither of which had any success. This...
  18. Brojon

    YAFQ - yet another firmware question

    Got my new P4 Pro Friday, flew it all weekend and it seemed to fly ok. Only notable thing was apparent less range than the Mavic - video started chopping far sooner than I expected. That said I was in a field full of flying drones. Anyway - so of course when I first fire the thing up it tells...
  19. H

    Upgrade Cam/Gimbal on P3A - Downgrade To P3P To v.01.07.00 Firmware

    The title explains what I wish to do - add the P3P 4k camera and gimbal to the P3A. All the posts here and otherwise say I also need to install the P3P firmware so the upgrade cam/gimbal operates OK. Has anyone successfully installed an older version (01.07.00) of P3P Firmware via the micro SD...
  20. V

    Phantom 4 firmware update 02.00.0106 won't finish progress after 5%

    Hello. I am trying to update the firmware (02.00.0106) for my Phantom 4 as i will be flying tomorrow, however, after the download completes, Ii get to the progress screen. Progress continues to 5% then stops and gives me the "Unfortunately, DJI GO 4 has stopped". Same 5% every time. Tried...