Phantom 4 PRO Yaw motor problem

Dec 9, 2023
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Hello everyone,
I have a Phantom 4 Pro, and a couple months ago I started noticing this weird jello effect on my footage. The gimbal had vibrations which caused the video to look wobbly. So I sent it to a repair shop which claimed to fix it, but did literally nothing. I sent the drone a couple times to the shop, but still the issue remained. So I took the matter on my own hands and decided to replace the yaw motor (which was causing the problem) myself. I knew I needed to replace the new motors shell with the one the motor on my drone had, for my camera to look straight. But I saw that the original shell had damage in the part where the pin of the motor went through(probably caused by the guy on the repair shop while trying to remove it from the old motor). So the shell was very loose to even stay on the motor. I put back the new shell, but because each drones gimbal is calibrated for the specific magnets of the motors on that specific drone, now the camera wont look straight with the new yaw motor. It looks to the right. I wanted to know if there is a way that I could actually calibrate the gimbal to the new motors shell magnets without having to send it to DJI. (I tried calibrating everything through the app).

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