1. T

    Professional First day with new P3 Pro and faced with hoard of Issue!

    So finally convinced the fiancee and pulled a trigger on a P3 Pro. Delivered today, charged up remote and battery and thats when all the issues started. Issue #1: Firmware Update Formatted the SD card, copied latest FW v1.8.80 and restarted the P3. Update failed...tried at least 10 times...
  2. wlkngmachine

    should I update from 1.7.0060?

    Right now I'm on P3P 1.7.0060 and DJI GO v2.7.1. Not really sure how to figure out what my RC is but I updated it when I updated to AC1.7.......I usually go with the updates no problem, but I've been hearing a lot of questionable things about 1.8. Should I upgrade? Is 1.8.80 good to go with iOS...
  3. T


    I bought P3P last spring and it worked fine last year. I did all the updates (Phantom 3 Professional fw v.1.8.8., rc 1.6, go app 2.6, latest ios for iPad mini). Bird still flies ok, and records video ok, and I can see the histogram change when light changes, but now there is no camera view on...
  4. A

    How do I get my Galaxy Tab S2 to connect?

    After a search I couldn't find a conclusive answer to this question. I put the tablet in Airplane Mode and I cannot get the remote to connect (How To Connect is all I get). I had been using an HTC One M8 and had to place it in USB Debugging Mode. I can't find that setting on the Tab S2 to try...
  5. H

    Advanced Upgrading & Formatting issues

    Apologies if something like this was already posted. I wasn't able to find anything via Google. I opened my P3 for the first time in months to update my firmware. I didn't have my card adapter for my micro SD so I plugged the P3 directly into my Mac and tried to load up the new firmware. For...
  6. Robertas Ra

    Professional Phantom 3 Prof. - firmware restoration | Where disappeared the indicator of GPS status?

    Hello, maybe someone will know how to restore the old Phantom 3 Prof. firmware version? Unfortunately, each subsequent after that P3X_FW_V01.03.0020 are total sh...t. Each new version brings the new problems and curiosities. Every time added a new, practically unused functions. Sometimes seem...
  7. flyNfrank

    DownGrade P3 R/C Firmware

    I made a quick search in this forum to try and make sure a thread for this video was already added, and nothing came up. So....this is a video I came across and is NOT mine. So do not depend on me for any answers you may have concerning the video. I have not tried the process shared in the...
  8. D

    Need Your Help Please: P3A Goes crazy and crashes into creek. Now What? Flight Records Included

    Hey Guys! I would really love a little guidance on what my next steps should be after this crash. In a nutshell: I was flying along side a creek with no issues and out of the blue the phantom starts spinning wildly, as if it ran into something, and plummeted about 150ft into a very narrow...
  9. V

    Standard Firmware update file

    Hey, Can someone share their firmware update file here. My app is not connecting to the phantom and DJI does not give firmware files for standard 3 via their website. Thanks!
  10. D

    Firmware issues with P4

    I've had a slew of issues after updating the firmware of my P4. And it seems that the app will not allow me to rollback the firmware for the RC (it didn't save the previous version). The aircraft was able to downgrade, but it won't fly when the controller and aircraft are different versions...
  11. W

    Professional Updates All Around - Weak RC Signal

    I updated the app, remote and drone. All appeared successful. However, I now have a weak RC signal and can't seem to resolve it. Here is the update file from the drone. ========== 2014.01.01 00:00:12 remo-con disconnect====== Packet: P3X_FW_V01.06.0040.bin Upgrading ... Result: Success...
  12. wieshka

    P3 Firmware Firmware V01.08.0080 connectivity issues

    So the winter is over (yes, did some flights over winter as well) and it is the time to clean the dust from my P3A and have some fun, so started with FW update. Few days ago DJI announced new Firmware - V01.08.0080, so I did the upgrade and now I am facing very annoying issues: 1) sometimes...

    Firmware update started and p2v+ started acting crazy

    Hi all, I had the p2v+ connected to computer for updates etc. I had been a while since I had checked. i also had the RC turned on. A message said I needed a RC update. When I click "upgrade" my p2v+ started beeping and the gimbal started twitching. After a little while of this and thinking...
  14. frands1

    DJI releases new Firmware for all Phantom series

    This what they list about Phantom 4 specifically: "Phantom 4 firmware version is updated to v1.1.301..." "Phantom 4 What’s New: 1. Improved encryption to enhance transmission security. 2. Optimized take-off logic when experiencing compass interference. 3. Corrected system status information...
  15. Ramphex

    The Official Firmware Update Thread

    Just to avoid several different threads discussing the same thing, this should help centralize the information regarding firmware updates. I will update this post each time a new firmware comes out. Latest update will always be at the top. We'll start with the latest version.
  16. J

    Firmware v 1.8.80 released (with notes)

    Couldn't find any thread for this new firmware release. Overview: 1. All-in-One firmware version updated to:v1.8.80 2. DJI GO app Android version updated to: v2.7.2 What's new: 1. Improved aircraft stability through optimized flight controller logic. 2. Optimized gimbal parameters 3. Fixed...
  17. A

    Are DJI Go versions and hardware FW codependent?

    I just installed the current version of DJI Go from the DJI website and now I cannot connect to my P3P. I have never updated the FW (still using 1.4.x that it came with). Do I have to update the FW to be compatible with the Go app or are they completely independent? Is any version of the Go app...
  18. AngryBird

    Firmware reinstall P3S

    Hi, I`m having some annoying issues after last firmware update so I need to reinstall this firmware. 1. Do I have to install older version of firmware in order to reinstall the latest ? 2. Where can I download firmware? In dji website I can find it only for P3Adv and P3Pro. 3. Can a firmware be...
  19. R

    Professional Best way to learn and practice?

    Just got a new P3, is there a practice program and how do I know if the firmware needs updating?
  20. F

    Advanced RC update failed, USB not working

    Hi guys, Tried to update the RC to the latest firmware with the GO app. Nothing happened, the 0-100% bar didnt move so after some time I had to shut the RC off to stop it. After I've done this the connection between the RC and the P3 works fine, and I can fly the aircraft. But, I cant connect...