1. A

    P3 SE - solution to switching between FCC and CE mode, I used both, and it works for sure!

    Let me start the long story short... The P3SE's, depends on where did you buy it from, can have 2 factory settings, the FCC and the CE by default. The range of this bird in CE mode is around 5-600m (not urban area obviously). FCC mode takes you 2-3km away, depends on... I was 2km away with...
  2. Cezar PR-BR


    friends I am making the update log available for you to help me identify the error you are giving. I'm trying to re-run the latest update, I'm suspicious that my drone's firmware is corrupted. P3S_FW_LOG_AB1.txt I count on the help of all. and thank you in advance
  3. R-dog

    Firmware/Software/IOS 11? No camera view or connection

    HELP! at wits end Just started flying after 6 months. here is the chronological order of events All going well then dropped iPad and broke screen. Could still fly using iPhone7 plus Decided to update firmware on both RC and Aircraft Got second hand iPad off eBay but old model that could only...
  4. J

    Drone will not respond

    Phantom 3 pro To start we'll state the issue, the drone will not take an update or respond to controller via app or SD card. I have tried 3 different cards at that. I have video signal while the app is open on tablet but the camera can not be controlled. Video seems to be the only signal I...
  5. H

    Questions On Firmware Upgrade of P3A to P3P With Cam/Gimbal Change

    The subject tells you what I'm doing. To complete this mod, I'll need a firmware upgrade. My questions are: 1. The bird will need its firmware upgraded. Recent discussion has shown problems, some significant, with later upgrade versions. What's the best version to use from your experience...
  6. M

    Switching from an iPhone to an Android

    I am a new Phantom 3 advanced pilot. I have DJI GO installed on both an iPhone and a android. After I installed it, and flown the aircraft, on the iPhone, I can't get my android to recognize the RC or the aircraft. Is firmware different for the iPhone then it is for the android? Thanks, Ed
  7. N

    Professional Firmware Update has really messed up my Drone... Help :/

    Firstly it important to understand I am not a noob and have done an awful lot to try to rectify the issues I am getting at the moment since I upgraded last week... 1) The first big change was a black camera view when going on the DJI Go App before 4. Basically what is happening is I boot up...
  8. chatikib

    Original firmware Phantom 3 SE

    For users who have problems with the new firmware update of Phantom 3 SE, I have a link to the original firmware versions: P3SE_FW_V01.01.0000 P3SE_FW_V01.02.0010 P3SE_FW_V01.03.0020 P3SE_FW_V01.04.0030 P3SE_FW_V01.05.0040 Here you will find all the firmwares of the DJI Phantom 3 SE
  9. M

    Unable to update controller / Drone after failed update P3 Standard

    Hello: Have PS Standard. Have not used for about one year . Updated DJI GO app on android phone. Using wifi updated controller and drone. During that update after about 45 minute drone continued to flash lights and make noises etc etc. I felt after 45 minutes update either failed or was done...
  10. T

    Can't Downgrade to RC 1.8 Firmware

    My RC was on Firmware 1.9.2 and I can't seem to get it to RC 1.8. Using the DJI Go App method (on iOS), I held the 3 lines in the upper right to get to the rollback menu, where I had 3 choices for Firmware: 1.58, 1.6, and 1.8. Choosing 1.8 and hitting download: Download failed (no matter how...
  11. nd34567890

    Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades)

    Assistant 2: Assistant_Installer_mac_1.0.4.dmg
  12. R

    PH4 and PH4P Battery Swapping. Firmware Differences. Is It Safe?

    So I have both a Phantom 4 and a Phantom 4 pro and I would like to use the batteries interchangeably. My question is that since firmware updates happen on the remote, the craft and the battery and sometimes you can get "incompatible firmware" messages, is it safe to go back and forth between...
  13. Envirodiver

    firmware update @ 99%

    Running the latest firmware update and it has been at 99% for :45 minutes. What's up with that, any ideas
  14. ImJim

    Constant FPV lag - First flight with 1.11.20 FW

    Hey, Looks like I have new problems every new summer! I'm posting on my boat right now. Just finished an awful P3A flight above the sea... before going to vacation, I properly updated the bird to FW 1.11.20 + batteries + remote. So I started the bird on a flat rock in the middle of the sea, and...
  15. H

    P4 Firmware Last 2 Firmware Updates - Permanent Buzzing noise and left angled camera

    Help needed! I've had my phantom 4 pro for about 4mths and update it whenever there is a new firmware out. However, since the 2nd last update I've had a whirring noise with the camera tilted to the left ever so slightly. DJI Assistant 2 has no record of the previous firmware and so I can't...
  16. H

    Complete Firmware reinstall?

    So i brought a used phantom 3 std stupidly. The firmware on the drone is screwed up, like seriously screwed up. I get no data in the app. The controller link light on the aircraft is green whilst its red on the controller but i can still operate the gimbal. I believe that it needs the firmware...
  17. E

    AC Firmware 1.10.90 needed

    I am 99% sure that if I downgrade from 1.11.20 to 1.10.90, then I will be back in business. There is more about this in my other thread ---->> P3P Gimbal Dial Stopped Talking to Bird , Where can I find the .bin file for 1.10.90? I really wish I had archived the upgrade steps that I've taken so...
  18. tml4191

    Where can I find the latest firmware updates for the p4a?

    Can someone pleas the firmware updates for the p4a? I'm interested in seeing if it's worth upgrading to.
  19. Daskid

    RC Firmware compatible with AC Firmware 01.03.0509

    Hi All, Does anybody know which RC firmware version works best with AC firmware 01.03.0509? I am experiencing an issue with transmission where the screen flickers then a green screen appears. The same flickering and green screen issue is being recorded in the micro SD card from the AC. I have...
  20. jp_flkeys

    Professional P3P Firmware V01.11.0020 Pros & Cons

    Haven't upgraded to the new firmware just yet, anyone have any comments, suggestions, tips, pros & con's, any limitations, complaints? Thanks in advance if you respond.