P3S Gimbal/Camera completely Insane after upgrading to 1.8.10! HELP!!! (Video Provided)

Oct 22, 2016
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Hello everyone!

First off, I have spent hours upon hours going through the web trying to fix this problem and I did everything that crossed my mind.

So I have recently issued a couple of problems with the camera and gimbal of my Phantom 3 Standard.
After updating the firmware to 1.8.10, the gimbal seems to be going to completely crazy. It appears to be getting worse and worse with every time I power up the phantom. The first couple of times it would stop going crazy after a couple of seconds and settle down. But now it just doesn't want to stop even if I reboot it a bunch of times. Thinking it was a software problem, which it probably was at the beginning, I downgraded from 1.8.10 to 1.7.0800 which sadly didn't fix the problem. As already said, the gimbal had worked fine literally right when powering up my drone to upgrade to 1.8.10. No crashes, nothing. Also now it has gotten to the point where the camera/gimbal won't even settle down or connect with the app. Now it has gotten so bad that when I boot up the phantom the gimbal doesn't do anything and just goes limb. Just when I kind of touch it and move it a bit it starts going crazy. When I connect to the drone and open the DJI Go app it says "No image transmission signal" at the top. When I then go and check the "Gimbal Status" it sometimes says "Disconnected" or "Pitch Error". And in very rare occasions I will get the image on my phone but the gimbal just doesn't work.

Here is a video of the gimbal going crazy:

I am seriously considering sending it to DJI to repair but still a bit hesitant since it seems more like a software issue due to the fact that it did this after upgrading to 1.8.10 and I never had the issue before. Do you guys think they will repair it under warranty or will I have to pay?

Thanks for your help and time!
Did you ever fix yours? I installed same fw, downgrades when trying to fix an image transmission issue. Gimbal now is all crazy and it won’t read sdcard to get to a new fw.

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