1. A

    Phantom 4 pro gimbal stabilizing by late

    I have a gimbal stabilization issue with my Dji Phantom 4 Pro. The problem is that the gimbal is stabilizing the image by late. The gimbal stabilize the image, but not in time. See the video about the problem: phantom4 Any suggestions why it is doing that and how to fix it ? I have set...
  2. N

    Telemetry without camera gimbal?

    Hello! I am needing some technical advise here. I have the P3S and what to fly it without the camera/gimbal. The telemetry is sent through the wifi module that has it's power source routed through the camera/gimbal. I need a workaround in order to reroute that power to the wifi module so I can...
  3. G

    Cant find specific flex cable online, that is inside the camera (P4 Advanced)

    Can't find this specific flex cable anywhere online yo buy it. It's one out of the three that are found inside the camera household (case) its part number is: P02076.04 KW1743
  4. W

    Camera easily detaches at gimbal motor - gimbal loose Phantom 3 Satndard

    The attachment to on my gimbal motor has become looser over the years - see image below. It is now very (too) easy to pop the camera off the shaft and it often drops off. This also means that it can get out of alignment. Does anyone know a quick fix for this issue? Is there a way to increase...
  5. @potts_24

    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    I've owned my P4P since 2017, and just between work and restricted air space around where I live, I haven't flown it anywhere near enough. I have less than 2 hours of flight time. It's safe to say the running hours on my P4P are low... so this makes my issue all the more strange. I've also never...
  6. DaShu

    HELP...Phantom 4 Pro Aftercrash Camera/Sensor Errors

    I have read through 3 pages of threads and have already replaced the parts they had recommended...except for any of the boards as they get pricey fast.... So I had a disconnect issue with my P4P, honestly think it was attacked by a bird, while doing a range test with some range extenders I...
  7. tml4191

    New DJI osmo Action camera $300 so-cal

    sealed no tax + receipt
  8. R

    Fly with no camera

    Hi, Can anyone help or advise me is it OK to fly a Phantom Standard when the camera is not operational or if the SD card is not inserted. If it is OK to fly it without the camera working is it harder to fly it without the camera working …Thanks to all
  9. D

    Camera trouble with my p2 vision+

    Hello.i got this drone a while ago.just started playing around with it.cant seen to get the camera to connect with any of my phones I try to use. It flys great other that that.just cant get it to work with any apps on my phone.I am very new to drone flight and would love to get it to work using...
  10. C

    Phantom 2 camera

    Hello I’ve just brought a phantom 2 today for £100 . The drone dosnt have a camera or a gimbal . Just wonder if anyone can help me find a cheap camera and a gimbal
  11. G

    Aircraft Disconnected, Gimbal disconnected

    I have phantom 3 standard for a long time, and only now every time I try to fly does the same error happen, I turn on the drone control and connect to the mobile application successfully, but after a few minutes the drone disconnects and appears in the application aircraft disconnected and when...
  12. D

    Gimbal camera problem – no image in camera view after a crash

    Hi. I don't pilot my Phantom 3 very often, and just recently I managed to crash it. Right with it's camera. I had the main axis-metal-thing broken and a flex wire ripped in half. So I replaced the two. The gimbal rotation works just fine, like it used to before the crash. But there is no image...
  13. U

    No camera feed

    I've recently had to repair a few elements of my gimbal due to a crash. All seemed okay yesterday, gimbal was stable and camera was working all as should be. However, today I went for a flight and got no camera feed, just a black screen with a dji logo in the center. No matter how many times...
  14. Albin W

    Camera showing white/black lines in overexposed areas after minor crash

    Hi, i recently had a minor crash with my Phantom 3 4k and now the camera shows odd behaviors that i haven't found any information about. So basically what happened was that i flew into a tree at about 1.5 meters height (4-5 feet) and the drone crashed into the grass under the tree. The camera...
  15. A

    Phantom 3 camera completely dead

    So i was having issues with my gimbal on my Phantom 3 Standard disconnecting while in flight - I could land and then reconnect it and take back off but it would continually disconnect. So, I decided to replace the camera ribbon cable on it, and see if that was the problem. I installed the...
  16. L

    Phantom 2 camera question.

    Hello, I got a phantom 2 from a friend a while ago but did not get a gimbal or a camera I was looking around and came across the vision+ camera, but I have a normal Phantom 2. does anyone know if the vision+ camera works with it? Thank you!
  17. D

    Camera imaging not showing up on tablet

    Hello, I have had my Phantom 4 Pro repaired due to a crash. When it came back funky things were happening to the image displayed on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, to the point it displayed everything EXCEPT the actual view the camera sees. I troubleshot it with tech support including using a cell...
  18. LARA images

    Camera Test: P4P vs. M2P

    Here's some side-by-size photos and video grabs, including 400% zoom closeups. Despite the Hasselblad lettering on the glass, it is far less sharp than the P4P, according to WeTalkUAV See for yourself: DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs. Phantom 4 Pro v2.0!
  19. A

    Photo lag with 4 Pro

    When I'm in the camera mode with my 4 Pro and the camera set at 1/500th shutter speed when I take a photo of a moving train while looking FPV I don't get that exact image I saw. What is this lag called ? digital ? or am I spoiled by my DSLR. any ideas on correcting. Thanks, agrafton
  20. J

    Gimbal shake

    Hello, this is my first post and english is not my native language, so I'm sorry if im not very clear. I'm kinda desperate since this issue is appearing in almost every flight making many of my recordings useless. This issue happened to me before but it wasn't frequent, nowdays it happens at...