1. M

    DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Problem

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread as a few weeks ago my Phantom 3 Standard fell from about 5mt high damaging the Y motor, lower board and landing skids. Black ribbon cable and main gimbal power terminal block (white connector) in very good condition. I purchased and replaced the above damaged...
  2. carbonhalo

    P3S dat file extraction

    I've been trying to get the .dat files from my p3s but haven't had any luck yet. I did have the AC show up in the PCs explorer tree once, but no files listed. I tried FTP which gave me 3 folders, all of which were empty. I tried installing the DJI drivers, which took a lot of UAC fiddling to get...
  3. S

    Are compatible the P3S and P3 SE Gyroscope Units?

    I need to replace the sensor unit which is located at roll motor of a P3S. Can I use one from a P3 Se?
  4. Daz1965

    My New Distance Record with my P3S

    Sorry in advance my disability is spelling, grammar, and punctuation, After reading a few vital posts and watching many video's from around the web and phantom Pilots posts. I have managed to set my self a new distance record with my P3S with full control and full video and it was my lack of...
  5. lucasudd

    Is my phantom drunk or something? (Phantom flips random in the air)

    Hello! So, i have been moving apartments last week and i was going to fly my phantom for the first time for 3 weeks. I came out, callibrated the compass as i always do and as normal took of. Suddenly my phantom did a HUGE FLIP and came down really HARD on the aspfhalt. Luckily it landed/crashed...
  6. Grovetown Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Grovetown Wastewater Treatment Facility

    In 2017, I purchased a used Chroma 350QX & from a nearby park I flew my first training flights over to our city's new treatment plant. Then in 2018, I purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and got permission to document the construction in exchange for letting me come on property and continue my flight...
  7. T

    firmware update P3S

    Hi all, I recently got a P3S as part of a trade deal with a friend for an RC 8th scale buggy. While I am happy with my end of the deal, the previous owner warned me not to do the firmware update on the bird as it would ruin it and restrict any flights I may have. Every time I connect my...
  8. C

    flight simulation

    As I'm a relative newbie, you might think this is a silly question. I want to get some practise with the flight simulation on the DJI GO app. I click on SIMULATION & get "simulation failed. aircraft is not connected" I have the app & controller & aircraft switched on, so I assume I have to...
  9. N

    New P3S vs refurbished

    Is buying 1 or 2 years old P3S worth it? If yes then from where?
  10. C

    stills on the phantom 3 standard

    Hi. Newbie to forum here. I'm a serious amateur photographer producing a charity calendar [in Welsh!] I've bought a P3S. Stills from the RAW files of fairly nearby objects [eg my house]have good sharpness & colour after some Photoshopping [levels, high pass filter, noise reduction in ACR]...
  11. John Bollinger

    Help i've fallen and cant take off!!!

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am looking for advice from you all. I was flying this morning and videoing for a local church youth group. I had received a low battery warning and was taking my P3S away from the group to land when a gust of wind on what had been a calm day blew my drone into the...
  12. R

    Phantom 3 Standard For Sale with Extra Case!!!

    have a phantom 3 standard in very good condition almost perfect beside dirty propellers, includes everything from original purchase such as charger, RC, parts, stickers, and more. Also comes with a case that can store the phantom, the RC, and extras in it. looking for around $335 for all of it...
  13. M

    P3S Crash - Details Below

    I have a P3S that I've been using for insurance/real estate work around the area. Last week, I clipped a branch and it fell about 20 feet, hitting on the skids and popping off the camera. I know the ribbon cable is torn and I need to replace that but I'm trying to figure out if anything else is...
  14. S

    Flying in Finland in a small city called Lohja, P3S

    I made a compilation of my 2016-2017 footage in Finland in a small city called Lohja. Enjoy and feedback is appreciated. Phantom 3 standard.
  15. C

    P3S Disconnecting from Controller (and more)

    My Phantom 3 Standard has recently started disconnecting from the controller...at least I think that's what I'm happening. Perhaps it's the controller losing connectivity...nor sure. When I go through the startup process (controller 1st, then drone, then wifi and then DJI Go app,) everything...
  16. F

    P3S lift transport and delivery 1 mile

    I want to run the following mission & am looking for any feedback or ideas to help make it successful: using a Phantom 3 Standard I'm trying to lift 2 sodas (24oz) to approx 200 ft, run a 1 mile out-of-line-of sight mission (using the Litchi) that delivers the sodas. I'm dropping them off using...
  17. R

    Any new developments for P3S FPV implementation

    Am I going to have to resort to putting a blanket over my head in order to view my flight camera on my tablet screen? I wear glasses and on a sunny day wear clip on sun glasses - sometimes polarized the wrong way. On top of that, I wear hearing aids. All making life difficult to fly a drone. I...
  18. I

    DJI P3S for sale with extras in great condition

    Up for sale very gently used DJI Phantom 3 standard. The drone is in the great shape with total fly time around 2 hours. I newer flew it in rainy or snowy weather. Never dropped. Never opened. Antennas on remote controller are upgraded for the better signal range. Original phone holder is...
  19. P

    P3S FW Update error: [07 00][00] device not detected.

    Hello guys, I bought my P3S in december last year. With the latest firmmware, I had big video transmitting issues, so I decided to downgrade my firmware again. I started from 1.09.2--> 1.08.01, and the laggy video feed instantly went away. Because I heard that the 1.05.07 version would cause...
  20. M

    Lost Standard North Wexford (Ireland)

    Hi Folks Looking for a little help please We were flying this morning and we lost the P3 Standard From memory, the App crashed and we reconnected but signal was very weak and ultimately when we tried to return home, the wind got up and we the drone lost the battle :( I have looked at the...