1. B

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard camera gimbal failure.

    Rebuilding a Phantom 3 Standard for a friend. It apparently hit a tree that leap out in front of it. Usual Yaw arm bracket and flex cable breakage which I have repaired before. (yeah, he’s not a great pilot). Now when it starts, the camera gimbals are pretty erratic and it doesn’t stabilise...
  2. R

    Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  3. H

    Warning:Max Flight Altitude Reached - ruins my work, pls help.

    Hello, I do fly P4P for as long as it was available, and I did fly earlier Phantoms and other drones before, so i do have quite a bit of experience with these. But on occassion P4P gives me grief with this warning: Max Flight Altitude Reached - change in MC if required. when it happens, it is...
  4. A

    The red and yellow LEDs are blinking all the time on my p2.

    my old p2 after the calibration, it has been with the yellow and red light on all the time and that doesn't let me do the calibration
  5. Reem_

    ESC doesn't work :( solved

    Hello folks! I opened my phantom 4 in order to discover what's inside, then I closed it again. However, after that, I got this error regarding that ESC does not work as shown in the figures below. Anyone could help me please? BTW, I'm not an expert and I don't have a degree in EE.
  6. BMWZ4M

    Barometer Disconnect Error

    Finally nice out. Took out the P4 adv to work to take some pics. After not sure it in a couple months. Started it up, and got this error “can’t fly”. I reset the IMU, compass still got the same error DJI support is a joke, they keep you tied up then eventually they say send it back. I...
  7. JulietUniformSierraTango

    Battery Error: Under Voltage

    Hi all, sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t find the exact question. One of my p3p batteries (14 cycles) started giving me battery errors recently. In DJI Go, it says “battery error, return and land” and in Litchi it gives Battery Error: Under Voltage. Looking at the...
  8. M

    Phantom 1 Drone 1Yellow 3Red Error HELP

    I have a Phantom 1 Drone that I am trying to repair for a school project. When I received the nonfunctioning drone, I was told that it was sold because the previous owner removed the propeller guards, but put the same screws back in(which were longer than the originals because of the guard) and...
  9. D

    Switch Wlan Settings popup troubles

    Hello, I reclently bought a Phantom 3 SE after having a DJI Sparkle. I have some issues with it, I can connect to it and pilot it but i still have that popup going on screen and that is really annoying because it hides the camera vision on smartphone : I tried switching channels and Frequency...
  10. A


    hello there. i've footages shot with phantom 4 and it has flicker in some areas. anyone know how to fix it? my sample footage: Sequence 02_.mp4 image 1: image 2: thanks :)
  11. D

    Signal lost during flight

    Hey, I have a Phantom FC40 and today I flew my drone but I've encountered a problem. Before I started the flight, the transmitter blinked with red LED rapidly and there was a rapid beeps from the transmitter's buzzer, I re-activated the transmitter and then the beeps stopped and the LED showed...
  12. Lolorek

    My phantom doesn't wan to calibrate

    something is wrong with my calibration. I with the S2, yellow shines, I do the first 360 degree rotation (horizontal), green shines I do the 2nd 360 degree rotations (vertical) and yellow/red flashes. Tried it on different spots, turning the other way around. Nothing changes Have latest...
  13. G

    "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
  14. M

    ESC status error after hard contact with tree and a few seconds in shallow water

    Yes... I flew Phantom 3 Advanced into tree and it came down into shallow (about 4 inches of water near shore) water where I grabbed it less than 3 seconds later. Anyway, now getting "ESC status error. Restart aircraft." Searching internet and this forum suggest ESC errors might come from bad...
  15. R

    P3S No Telemetry / Gimbal Error

    Hi everyone! I bought a Crashed P3S a while ago and it could not connect to its controller, I posted a thread back then and I not able to fix the problem, long story short we thought that the main gimbal board was broken. Now I have bought a used gimbal board and the first thing that happened...
  16. X

    Drone doing loop/vault in mid-flight

    Hi, I just had my first flight after repairing the P3 Pro after a crash in november. 3-4 minutes in to the flight, I had this happen to me (see video) Unfortunately, my crash has damaged the USB-port on the drone so I can't get flight data that way. Can someone help me shed some light on what...
  17. furthertofly

    Braking...Return to Midpoint???

    First flight after aircraft firmware update and I'm getting a continual annoying warning I've never seen before -- "Braking -- Return sticks to midpoint to continue" or something like that. I'm flying at modest inputs, light breeze, in a wilderness setting -- nothing extreme about it. And, I'm...
  18. A

    P3 Firmware Which is the safest firmware version on P3 Prof AC / RC / APP?

    Hi everyone... Please, someone, who has experience in the firmware versions, please help me, and explain me something... I read a lot of things about the firmware... My new P3 Prof will arrive tomorrow. This is my 3rd. The first was the seller's mistake, 2nd was frobably FW error, and this is...
  19. leeblynch

    Compass error mid air

    I have had my P2V+ for two years now and have flow over 10 hours of flights with it. I have just replaced almost everything in my Phantom 2 vision plus (I use it for Search and Rescue missions and wanted to make sure it was ready for many more missions), actually all but the wifi module and GPS...