gimbal goes crazy

  1. W

    P3S Gimbal/Camera completely Insane after upgrading to 1.8.10! HELP!!! (Video Provided)

    Hello everyone! First off, I have spent hours upon hours going through the web trying to fix this problem and I did everything that crossed my mind. So I have recently issued a couple of problems with the camera and gimbal of my Phantom 3 Standard. After updating the firmware to 1.8.10, the...
  2. yjander

    Gimbal goes crazy

    I had a crash landing after clipping some branches about 5 feet off the ground. No props broke or anything like that, but when I sent to start it back up, the gimbal yaw arm flails to the left and right. The roll arm moves up and down as well and the camera moves all around like its having a...