gimbal crazy dance after crash

Sep 29, 2023
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A friend flew his P3S less than half a dozen times before sending it into a tree. It incurred some minimal visual damage to the gimbal chassis.



First thing I did when I got this was take the panel off here and inspect the shaft inside that fits into the potentiometer.

Upon inspection, I found that it was perfectly centered where it should be, flat spot parallel to the drone body.

Next, I moved on to the other shaft that is supposed to have the flat spot line up with the hex adjustment point.

No issues here either, nice and lined up correctly.

When I start the drone, it does the crazy dance until eventually it will stop moving and just makes a subtle grinding noise. If I move the camera, it will move again violently and then I shut the drone off to prevent further damage.

When I have had it powered on, I've connected the controller and phone and attempted recalibrations with no success. It will fail out of it saying unable to calibrate. I inspected as much of the ribbon cables that I can see and I have found no signs of wear and tear.

I'm more than capable of replacing parts, I just haven't been able to narrow down what the exact root cause is for the malfunction and don't want to just start replacing parts illogically.

Any tips? I have a video I can share of the behavior as well if requested.
Yeah I already started at Youtube, the simple issues with the center gear shafts being misaligned seemed promising but wasn't the culprit for this one.
If you do decide to change out the ribbon cable, be sure it's genuine DJI OEM part # 85. There are a lot of copycat flat ribbon cables out there, and most are junk. Should come in a smoke colored DJI bag with all the DJI logo and info. This part may be hard to find initially, and I'd stick with official DJI '' . Also, the website '' has multiple listings for everything Phantom. Just navigate to the correct section for the Phantom 3 Standard and check the index for authorized DJI parts dealers.
Hope you get it sorted out.
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