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Oct 31, 2014
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May 7, 1970 (Age: 48)
Manchester UK
    1. drawmelikeoneofyourdrones
      Hi. I was wondering if you still are fixing phantom 2 vision + models with blank screens. I am down in Kent and can send you the complete drone. cheers
    2. cfsousa
      I have a black screen on my Phantom 2 Vision +... It became like this, few days after I updated the Firmware from the official site of DJI. Please let me know if I can send you my complete drone to you to repair (I think is the wi-fi module...) and if you can do a checkup to my machine. And how much will it cost to me. Thank you in advance for your awnser. BR, from Portugal, Carlos Sousa
    3. James syme
      James syme
      Is it possible to fix the main board?.
    4. James syme
      James syme
      Hi have you still got or can you repair my vision 2 plus WiFi module.
    5. daz lil
      daz lil
      Hi Crash..

      Recently had a tangle with a tree and my P2V+ has developed a camera/gimbal problem. I have done the youtube (remove the 3 screws and level the pin thing). I was wondering, would it be possible to send you a vid of what is happening ? As I read somewhere you hate to see P2's end up on the scrap heap !

      Thanks in advance

    6. Paul 1507
      Paul 1507
      Hi are you still repairing the wifi module live in carlisle many thanks paul
    7. Awilson18
      If I were to have you flash my drone do I need to send the entire drone or just the wifi module...from the states so I'm curious.
      1. crash1sttime
        Just the wifi module, however contact J Dot on the forums, he is stateside and is flashing modules tell him i sent ya
        Sep 2, 2017
    8. jas-
      How much are you charging for the wifi module fix?
      1. crash1sttime
        £30 UK money, postage paid by you both ways
        Aug 16, 2017
    9. bob dorrington
      bob dorrington
      can u let me no if went ok thx
    10. dirkclod
      Happy Birthday to ya buddy :-)
    11. dirkclod
      Welcome back :-)
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    May 7, 1970 (Age: 48)
    Manchester UK


    If you want any info on the P2V or its apps take a look at my youtube channel, now updated for the P3A.
    My current quads are Phantom 3 Advanced stock, Phantom 2 Vision with Rotorpixel gimbal, RE700 and Itelite panel,Phantom 2 Vision stock model Phantom 2 Vision with 2D SimpleBGC gimbal