p3s camera

  1. E

    Phantom 3 Standard Camera

    I need a P3S camera. When I bought the drone it didn’t come with the camera. I will buy a used one or trade you a used P3 Advanced camera that is in great working condition.
  2. A

    Wanting P3S GIMBAL

    Hello, i'm looking for used P3S part 73 gimbal, looking to see if anyone has one that works, even if the arm is broken as long as the mainboard and camera still work
  3. W

    P3S Gimbal/Camera completely Insane after upgrading to 1.8.10! HELP!!! (Video Provided)

    Hello everyone! First off, I have spent hours upon hours going through the web trying to fix this problem and I did everything that crossed my mind. So I have recently issued a couple of problems with the camera and gimbal of my Phantom 3 Standard. After updating the firmware to 1.8.10, the...
  4. M

    Photos: Phantom 3 Standard (P3S) camera disassembled

    Since I don't think anybody has posted pictures of a disassembled P3S camera, here are some for reference. I disassembled mine after the appearance of a speck of dust on the sensor. CAUTION: The most significant difference I can tell (aside from the removable lens cover on the P3A and P3P) is...
  5. Z

    Kindle Fire for P3S

    I am soon getting a Phantom 3 Standard and don't want to use my smaller smartphone to look at the camera, however, if worst comes to worst, I will. Does the Kindle Fire HD work for this? Thank you.
  6. blgli

    Broken P3S Gimbal/Camera (Only 1 Flight)

    Bought a brand new Phantom 3 Standard. Wasn't even 15 minutes into my first flight with it and was bringing the drone down when I clipped a branch 3-4 feet above the ground and this was the carnage. Drone and camera landed on grass thank god so as far as I can tell the only broken pieces are the...
  7. Guardmy6

    Camera lens solution and question

    As I was landing my P3S my dog was so kind as to help it to the last 4 feet down. He inadvertently grabbed the camera and put a K-9 through the lens. Of course I was angry but relieved he did not get a mouth full of propeller. I then called DJI and asked them how much it would cost to fix the...