1. T

    Phantom 4 pro gimbal dead

    Hello! I have problem with my DJI Phantom 4 pro. After crash my gimbal was dead - after startup the gimbal twiches a little bit but after that it is in the same position no matter what i press on the remote. I suspect the gimbal power board, but when I look at it it looks solid. Video of startup...
  2. @potts_24

    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    I've owned my P4P since 2017, and just between work and restricted air space around where I live, I haven't flown it anywhere near enough. I have less than 2 hours of flight time. It's safe to say the running hours on my P4P are low... so this makes my issue all the more strange. I've also never...
  3. K

    Professional P3P-Gimbal Pitch Motor Bad?

    Crashed and repaired my P3Pro; replaced gimbal ribbon cable and reset the roll motor shaft. Only apparent remaining problem is: The RC gimbal dial does not actuate the camera's tilt. Tried the following: 1. No response from the RC gimbal dial. 2. No response from setting the GO app C2...
  4. C

    Gimbal not moving on startup. Video feed OK

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard and had to replace the yaw arm and roll motor. I also replaced the ribbon cable with a genuine DJI part, now on startup the gimbal doesn't move at all and I can't move it with the controller. The main board LED is solid green. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. C

    Phantom 3 standard gimbal won't move after replacing ribbon cable

    I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard and had to replace a damaged yaw arm and the ribbon cable. Now when I power on the drone the gimbal doesn't move at all, I can't control it with the controller. I repaired the yaw arm and replaced the ribbon cable with a knock off ribbon at first and had this...
  6. P

    Gimbal Wires ripped out of connector plug in P3S

    My P3S crashed into a tree and the connector board got disconnected. The grey and black single wires I know can be re-attached but im not sure about the set that should go in the connector plug Is it possible to push that set of grey wires back in? because when i do try they are very slack and...
  7. A

    Gimbal Floats and off angle on Startup

    When I start up my drone, the gimbal will go through itself calibration and zero itself perfectly. After about 5 seconds it starts to float around on all three axis, before centering with the camera tilted downward. Also when I yaw the craft, and gimbal will tilt left or right depending on the...
  8. E

    Phantom 3 - 4k - need a gimbal main board

    Hello, I recently water damaged my phantom 3 - 4k gimbal main board. The dji does not repair it, since its a water damage. Anyone who have a phantom 3 - 4k gimbal main board or crashed his/her phantom but the gimbal board is fine. Please respond. Note: The model is phantom 3 - 4k. Not advance...
  9. H

    Gimbal problems

    Hi I have problems with my Gimball to Phantom three standard picture works but not and the motors I have a faint buzzing sound from the motors I have changed the cables to gimbal are there more who have the same problem? Is there a wiring diagram you can look at? With kind regards Henrik
  10. DaShu

    HELP...Phantom 4 Pro Aftercrash Camera/Sensor Errors

    I have read through 3 pages of threads and have already replaced the parts they had recommended...except for any of the boards as they get pricey fast.... So I had a disconnect issue with my P4P, honestly think it was attacked by a bird, while doing a range test with some range extenders I...
  11. P

    Help needed: Gimbal issue and which part should I repair?

    Hi everyone. I recently ran into some peculiar issues with my phantom 4 pro gimbal. It has never crashed or landed hard, but I noticed a few days ago that the gimbal started making weird grinding noises upon start-up. I took it up in the air and instantly realized that I was getting gimbal...
  12. T

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus footage slightly cockeyed

    I have noticed in recent footage that the horizon is a little cockeyed (not level). I placed the P4P+ on a level surface (0% according to my iPhone) and ran the IMU calibration and then the gimbal calibration. Then I took the P4P+ out for a flight. As soon as I turned on the P4P+ I noticed a...
  13. C

    phantom 2 controller joystick remapped

    Hi! I'm in desperate need of help. I don't know what happened, I used my Phantom 2 normally a few months ago, but now I bought a new controller and tried to fly it. Now both of the controllers are controlling the gimbal with one joystick instead of the propellers. The motors won't even start...
  14. O

    What is this and where can I get it?

    Hello everybody, I have a damaged Phantom 4 gimbal here and obviously this part is damaged. Does anybody know what it's doing and where to get a new one for repair? Edit: normally the microchip is covered by a spongy material and the PCB resides under the gimbal motor controller PCB in the...
  15. C

    Phantom 4 roll axis shake (twitch) problem

    Hi guys, I'm new here, couldn't find the topic for my problem so I posted new. I had phantom 3 std and now I have phantom 4, not much experienced but flying occasionally. My problem is twitching in roll axis, not much but disturbing me while recording steady shots. Anyone has the solution or...
  16. T

    Gimbal makes grinding noise after crash

    After a crash, two props were damaged, and one of the arms separated a bit. Gimbal makes a strange noise now. Please look at the short video and let me know what you think. The camera works fine. I am concerned with the rattling noise that it is making. Here is a link to a short video.
  17. M

    No Liveview - Broken component on Mainboard - Black covered piece (Crystal/ Quratz?)

    Hello everyone QUESTIONs: What is the broken Part? Where can I find the replacement part? Context and background information: Last year I crashed my P3P into a tree... My gimbal broke into pieces and I had to repair it. The Drone works again, can fly, has a functional gimbal and can record...
  18. C

    Phantom 2 camera

    Hello I’ve just brought a phantom 2 today for £100 . The drone dosnt have a camera or a gimbal . Just wonder if anyone can help me find a cheap camera and a gimbal
  19. M

    Cleaning Dirty Lense Phantom 4

    I recently cleaned out my prop motors and gimbal on my Phantom 4 because I was forced to land on a dirt path and it felt like there was dirt grinding around when I moved the gimbal up and down. I contacted a drone repair store and asked how to safely clean the gimbal. He suggested I rinse it...
  20. G

    Standard Aircraft Disconnected, Gimbal disconnected

    I have phantom 3 standard for a long time, and only now every time I try to fly does the same error happen, I turn on the drone control and connect to the mobile application successfully, but after a few minutes the drone disconnects and appears in the application aircraft disconnected and when...