1. C

    Phantom 2 camera

    Hello I’ve just brought a phantom 2 today for £100 . The drone dosnt have a camera or a gimbal . Just wonder if anyone can help me find a cheap camera and a gimbal
  2. M

    Cleaning Dirty Lense Phantom 4

    I recently cleaned out my prop motors and gimbal on my Phantom 4 because I was forced to land on a dirt path and it felt like there was dirt grinding around when I moved the gimbal up and down. I contacted a drone repair store and asked how to safely clean the gimbal. He suggested I rinse it...
  3. G

    Standard Aircraft Disconnected, Gimbal disconnected

    I have phantom 3 standard for a long time, and only now every time I try to fly does the same error happen, I turn on the drone control and connect to the mobile application successfully, but after a few minutes the drone disconnects and appears in the application aircraft disconnected and when...
  4. D

    Standard Gimbal camera problem – no image in camera view after a crash

    Hi. I don't pilot my Phantom 3 very often, and just recently I managed to crash it. Right with it's camera. I had the main axis-metal-thing broken and a flex wire ripped in half. So I replaced the two. The gimbal rotation works just fine, like it used to before the crash. But there is no image...
  5. gringorio

    P4P Gimbal Issue - Launching from a Ship

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with a Phantom 4 Pro gimbal. The issue is after hand-launching the horizon remains slanted. I've hand-launched P4P's from ships dozens of times in the past without this issue. I understand that when the Phantom boots up the gimbal must auto calibrate, so when...
  6. C

    Phantom 4 gimbal problem in flight

    I have a Phantom 4 which had gimbal damage awhile back and ended up having the roll motor replaced. Since then I have a couple of symptoms that I can't get to the bottom of. On startup I need to hold the camera in position until it starts moving around or often it will end up hanging limp...
  7. B

    Gimbal not completing initilization

    My P4P+ has been flying fine for the last 18 months with no problems. Today when starting up, the gimbal started initializing but has gotten hung up in the initial sequence and just moves up and down through the entire vertical motion, back and forth, without end. It won’t complete...
  8. smackc4

    Gimbal Gone Crazy, So...

    My gimbal on the P3S has gone nuts; violently shaking etc; tried all the fixes, to no avail - SO...IF I CAN'T fix it; who has upgraded from the STD to something else? Maybe P4 - what do you recommend? Thanks
  9. Paffe

    Easy fix?

    Hey there, I was today up hiking in Iceland with my Phantom 3 Advanced. I was just about to bring the AC down on a flat spot, however before the AC could get there, the critical battery warning made the AC land in a bad spot, making it flip upside down, omstructing the motor and stopping. This...
  10. W

    Gimbal Roll Motor just shutting off when i move it in max roll Position.

    I have this problem when i roll the motor too much the gimbal just shutting off but when i restart it again the motor is fine but when i roll too much the motor again it just shut off again i already replace the potentiometer in motor driver. what do i need to replace to not have this issue...
  11. J

    Gimbal shake

    Hello, this is my first post and english is not my native language, so I'm sorry if im not very clear. I'm kinda desperate since this issue is appearing in almost every flight making many of my recordings useless. This issue happened to me before but it wasn't frequent, nowdays it happens at...
  12. P

    Professional Camera not available on djigo app next day, no green/red light on camera

    Owned Phantom 3 pro since inception. All of a sudden, about 3-4 weeks ago, my dji go app does not recognize my camera. Flew and photographed the day before without any issue day, no camera on iPhone 6 (which I have always used with remote). Everything else works ...I can even...
  13. D

    4k Gimbal won't lock

    I just rebuilt the Gimbal on my 4K camera after a crash. I replaced both arms and the ribbon cable. As soon a I turn on the drone it starts swinging the camera wildly. I know that this is a common problem if things aren't put back just right. I've checked all the problems I've found in forum...
  14. tml4191

    FS DJI Ronin-S Brand New!

  15. W

    So I kinda crashed my Phantom 3 standard (and some help could come in handy)

    Hey guys, my phantom 3 standard reciently broke and i need some help to know what is wrong with it so i can (hopefully) fix it! So the thing is that I accidentally started flying the drone inverted in a closed space so in order not to hit it against a wall I landed it, but I landed it really...
  16. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3 Camera Gimbal

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3 Camera Gimbal Check out the eBay auction
  17. sammit

    PH2 Vision + Gimbal Going Crazy

    Hi guys, First post. Up until now I have been able to find all the information needed to repair my drone. (I know its old, but it's doing fine for my needs atm) So i crashed it, got gimbal separation & the ribbon cable broke. I bought a DJI gimbal assembly repair kit which came with all the...
  18. sammit

    PH2 Vision + Gimbal Going Crazy after installing new version motors etc

    Hi guys, First post. Up until now I have been able to find all the information needed to repair my drone. (I know its old, but it's doing fine for my needs atm) So i crashed it, got gimbal separation & the ribbon cable broke. I bought a DJI gimbal assembly repair kit which came with all the...
  19. R

    P3S No Telemetry / Gimbal Error

    Hi everyone! I bought a Crashed P3S a while ago and it could not connect to its controller, I posted a thread back then and I not able to fix the problem, long story short we thought that the main gimbal board was broken. Now I have bought a used gimbal board and the first thing that happened...
  20. cr6

    Phantom 4 Professional camera & gimbal (used)

    Aside from a bent yaw arm, this camera and gimbal for the Phantom 4 Professional is in perfect working order. i didn't want DJI to have my bird for a month so I decided to replace the whole camera/gimbal myself. The flex ribbon is in excellent condition, but you can pick up both the flex...