1. A

    Phantom 4 PRO Yaw motor problem

    Hello everyone, I have a Phantom 4 Pro, and a couple months ago I started noticing this weird jello effect on my footage. The gimbal had vibrations which caused the video to look wobbly. So I sent it to a repair shop which claimed to fix it, but did literally nothing. I sent the drone a couple...
  2. A

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 crashed mid-flight

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to find out the exact cause of a sudden fall mid-flight. This was not my drone. I repair drones since 2016 (1000+ repaired drone) and I have some experience in analyzing log files with csvview and airdata but I think I can learn more. I cannot find any clue in the...
  3. P

    Gimbal Gone Wild!

    I am a retired mechanical / electrical engineer and work for a charitable organization that does pack-ups of the left-overs from estate sales for sale in our Thrift Store. I recently acquired several "partial" DJI Phantom 3 Standards from a sale, thinking that I could reassemble the carcasses...
  4. D

    P3S no landing Button, Transmission

    Hello everyone, happy Christmas! I have expanded my drone fleet, the DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard! Two questions I noticed after the first test flights, where I have not yet found a suitable solution to. 1. in the quick description you can see a button that initiates the landing from vertical...
  5. M

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 pro firmware won't update

    Dear Phantom Pilots, Help needed! I try to update my Phantom 3 pro. It fails as following: - I am using last firmware version P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin on micor SD - I start the drone to update, the normal process starts - but after 5 minutes of regular normal bip-bip-bip, it turns into...
  6. D

    Gimbal camera problem – no image in camera view after a crash

    Hi. I don't pilot my Phantom 3 very often, and just recently I managed to crash it. Right with it's camera. I had the main axis-metal-thing broken and a flex wire ripped in half. So I replaced the two. The gimbal rotation works just fine, like it used to before the crash. But there is no image...
  7. I

    Phantom 4 pro plus no signal

    Hello everybody! I just bought my phantom 4 pro plus three days ago and after a few flights without any problem, now, after the drone connects to the remote, it displays "No signal" and I can't see the image of the camera on the remote screen. Also, some of the info about the drone come up as...
  8. K

    I have a phantom 4 controller/xmitter that will not sync.

    I have a new transmitter for my phantom 4 (new used) it started out with the charging led problem where once plugged in one led would blink a few times and then it would go dead. Refloated the solder around the relevant connections and it's now charging and behaving like it is supposed to...
  9. TheKestrel

    Sticky gimbal wheel?

    Anybody else experience a sticky gimbal wheel on their controller (ie wont “return to center” when released)? If so, I’d be very interested to hear how you fixed it, or learned you couldn’t. Thanks very much in advance!
  10. J

    Gimbal shake

    Hello, this is my first post and english is not my native language, so I'm sorry if im not very clear. I'm kinda desperate since this issue is appearing in almost every flight making many of my recordings useless. This issue happened to me before but it wasn't frequent, nowdays it happens at...
  11. S

    Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal Yaw Issue

    I have recently purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional. The seller said that the item had been tested and worked. I got the item and the gimbal was in bad condition. After taking apart the gimbal, putting back together, and alot of firmware updates, I am having a problem with the yaw arm...
  12. C

    P1 software connection issues.

    Hi All, I'm the proud owner of a brand new Phantom 1. (I know, I'm late to the game, but these things are expensive!) It flies fine, but seems to drift a lot in GPS mode. (I waited for GPS lock and Home lock rapid green flashes). I've calibrated the compass, but I thought I should check the...
  13. N

    problems in the height of the photos

    hello people I make a query yesterday take 2 pictures of the same place at different heights and the heights appear wrong because the photo at higher height fugura with less height than the other. and is more to take a picture when I take the drone, and figure 44 meters to heights in the photo...
  14. F

    Video delay and no video signal

    Hi, It’s my first post. I just recently bought a Phantom 3 Advanced, and everything was good until couple of days ago my video start to be delayed or I lost video signal. It’s happening sometimes on 2 meters or 300 meters I’m afraid to flying far away because I don’t know when I lose my...
  15. D

    Calling all Airports!!!

    Hello everyone! I live in a small town in the Willamette valley of Oregon, and I have a job to shoot a real estate drone video with my Phantom 3. Trouble is, this house is in the center of town, within 5 miles of 3 different airports! Two are privately owned, and one is owned by the city, but...
  16. W

    Phantom 4 gimbal issue

    Hello guys. I've been having an issue with my Phantom 4 gimbal. I got recommended by a friend to register and share in Phantom Pilots my issue. My name is John and I'm from Portugal. Well. To start I don't have much of a flying experience and after a small crash with my Phantom 4 I've been...
  17. M

    Severe video lag P3SE

    hello, I’ve posted a while ago a problem with my P3SE, That my video feed has a delay in it and sometimes a delay for over 20 sec/framefreeze. I’m currently in South Africa recording with my drone. But keep having the problem with the delay. So filming is a pain! Anyone any ideas? I’ve...
  18. leeblynch

    Compass error mid air

    I have had my P2V+ for two years now and have flow over 10 hours of flights with it. I have just replaced almost everything in my Phantom 2 vision plus (I use it for Search and Rescue missions and wanted to make sure it was ready for many more missions), actually all but the wifi module and GPS...
  19. C

    dji phantom video feed not working

    the video on my p3 pro is cutting out as well as all of the telemetry i am using an i phone 6 with a 3 foot cable please help
  20. L

    H4-3D problem

    I have this problem with the h4-3d. I reset it and perform an update but the problem continues. After a few minutes it stabilizes a bit. But if I use the tilt it does it again. Some help.