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  • Rod, what a fantastic set of data you provided to the fellow who was having connectivity problems. How can I download that kind of data for my own AC's?
    I don't get this Profile Posts Section, and at this time, I'm not going to reply to them.
    Rod is it possible to fly my phantom 3 standard with a verizon mifi jet pack and if so how would I connect to the phantom 3 and the jetpack?
    Thanks Rod, and gave it a go but no progress. I noted the video did have a picture feed whereas I have black.
    Thanks for your interest.
    Hello sir,

    I am just purchased phantom 3 from indian dealer. I just now opened the box and i am getting the range problem my phantom 3 standard just goes upto height of 25-30mts and travels a distance upto 30mtrs max. I changed the many places and tried to get the range. But the problem remains same all time, so what i should do now??
    Desoto Drone
    Desoto Drone
    Get something other than the Standard.
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