1. A

    Phantom 4 PRO Yaw motor problem

    Hello everyone, I have a Phantom 4 Pro, and a couple months ago I started noticing this weird jello effect on my footage. The gimbal had vibrations which caused the video to look wobbly. So I sent it to a repair shop which claimed to fix it, but did literally nothing. I sent the drone a couple...
  2. J

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Will Not Fly Straight and Has Yaw Drift.

    Hello! I know many have spoken about yaw drift and their V2.0 Phantoms not flying straight. I am having similar issues, but I am not sure it completely matches, so I hope I am not duplicating topics. I have attached this link to a video that I created. I did a voice-over, so please turn the...
  3. frehr

    Slow down yaw (horisontal rotation) revisited

    I have read all the posts on doing this, but I havent't found the answer to this: What is the most effective method to slow down the yaw the most? 1. Manual fiddeling with the EXP values (down to 0.3) and perhaps reduce GAIN values or... 2. Tripod mode?
  4. Z

    Phantom 4 Pro Camera Roll/Yaw Motor ESC

    Hello I need to replace the Roll/Yaw ESC on my camera. I have found a replacement part for the Phantom 4 on E-Bay. It looks the same as the Pro one.My question is will it work on the Pro Camera.If not can you steer me in the right direction to get the correct board for the Phantom 4 Pro. Thanks!
  5. gringorio

    Shark Boat Orbit, Isla Guadalupe

    On my last drone venture to Isla Guadalupe we also saw several shark diving boats. One day on the way back to land on the sailboat I saw one passing close by and decided to take a swing around it. You can see them dragging tuna and shark diving cages on the way to their next anchorage.
  6. t2adze

    How to achieve Tripod mode on P3?

    Hey I wanna know if there is a possibility to adjust settings in DJI GO, so the P3A will fly SLOWLY like a P4 does in Tripod Mode. Any suggestions would be nice to hear Thanks
  7. Bad Andy

    Graceful Yaw with P3A?

    I have a Phantom 3 Advanced and find the default yaw response not just too fast but too "instant". I can dial down the gain so it's easier to manage yaw at the stick, but what I'm really looking for is a dampened response to the yaw control. Is there a way to accomplish this in the DJI app...
  8. Z

    Help, Phantom 4 pro gimbal broken after crash

    Hello everyone, Today i was flying my p4p and I hit a tree with a alltitde of less than 2m and the drone hit the ground on the back, the propereller was all good but the gimbal yaw broken. The gimbal can not turn right or left, sometimes shakes and sometimes doesn't move, I don't know if I...
  9. D

    Phantom 3 Standard yaw/turning 'drift' ?

    Hey guys, Has anyone else experienced a kind of 'drift' with the Phantom/Camera? For example, in this video I recorded earlier today, I yaw/turn right, but the camera or drone immediately drifts back to the left?!? Does anyone know what adjustments would be needed to correct this? Thanks!
  10. H

    P4P+ camera control (yaw) in 'waypoints' mode

    Hi there, I need the 'waypoints' mode to survey and record specific areas. Unlike my p3a, the DJI go 4 app on my new phantom 4 pro + (on the built-in display) does not allow to yaw the drone (i.e. rotate the aircraft horizontally) during the waypoints mode. There is a 'free' option for my p3a's...
  11. R

    Very weird V2+ behavior - 2 motors barely running & yaw turns camera

    First off, I'm a beginner with a drone. But what's happening here doesn't make sense. Crashed my drone learning how not to fly it. Gimbal flex cable tore. Right away I took the gimbal/camera off and checked the drone. It seemed to be working OK and responded to the controller – I flew it a few...
  12. T

    I have image transmission but a dead gimbal

    I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. During the crash the gimbal ribbon cable ripped and the gimbal roll arm broke. I ordered a new ribbon cable, roll arm and a pitch motor just in case the current pitch motor also got damaged during the crash. I just installed the new ribbon cable, roll arm and...
  13. Steve_in_DE

    I want better manual camera control for Litchi missions!

    When working to accomplish an elaborate shot with my P3A, I am finding the best way to go is to fly the equivilant of a "2-man" mission, using Litchi to fly the craft, and me to control the camera via the gimbal tilt and yaw. In this way I can focus on composition, and not driving the craft...
  14. P

    Changing ribbon cable

    Do you guys have any good video links for changing ribbon cable and yaw arm. Thanks in advance.
  15. A

    Phantom 4 yaw motor broken! plz help

    Hello pilots, As this is going to be my first post. It might end up being a long one. my sincere apologies since I am really bad at explaining things, I crashed my drone on the day I bought it, from really high altitude. It's was in pretty bad shape. I decided to work on it and swapped the...
  16. L

    How to control gimbal's yaw, roll?

    I want to control gimbal's yaw, roll using SDK(mobile). SDK serve GimbalCapabilityView. It looks Gimbals'pitch, yaw, roll. but Gimbal's pitch is only enable(button). how to enable Gimbals' yaw, roll button?
  17. Patrick Pedersen

    When I use yaw to move the drone to either side the camera tilts very bad

    Hi! I noticed today after updating to the latest firmware yesterday that when I use the yaw to left or right the camera tilts with it. The gimbal isn't straightening the camera, so the picture is really off level. Like it moves with the drones yaw side movement. What can this be?? What can I try...
  18. W

    Camera yaws when I move pitch control

    After a recent accident the gimbal flat wire needed replaced. After replacing it everything seems to turn on fine but the camera controls are messed up. Not only is the camera at a tilt but now when I move the camera wheel that's supposed to pitch the camera the yaw motor wants to move. My...
  19. J

    Gain & expo impossible to modify

    Dear all, I'm facing an issue when trying to modify the gain & expo values of my Phantom 3 Standard. When trying to change the value by increasing or decreasing it, the new value becomes displayed in red, and is then not saved after quitting the menu. It is still set to 0.40, whereas I've tried...
  20. D

    H4-3D Yaw!

    Hi! Is it possible to get the H4-3D gimbal pointing straight down?? So the angle is looking directly down to the ground from above... (see photo) Thanks in advance!