1. E

    P3 adv software wont flash

    I recently got a hold of a phantom 3 advanced, I then went to a store to ask if they knew what could be wrong with it, and they said that they where pretty certain the drone was bricked. I know they have been wrong before, so I went to search on google to check if anyone else had the same...
  2. Saigondave

    P4P V2.0 flight planning support

    I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for flight planning software for the P4P V2.0 which we purchased recently. We are a surveying and mapaping company and have been using DroneDeploy, Pix4Dmapper, etc as well as DJI's GS Pro with other DJI UAVs (P3P, P4P, Mavic Pro) but...
  3. C

    New, Excited and Ignorant!

    First off I have been tremendously grateful to stumble on this discussion group prior to purchasing my P4. Wealth of knowledge from some subject matter experts. I am going to be purchasing my first phantom as soon as I figure out what I need / want. I thought I knew but after reading a lot on...
  4. K

    Which is the best software data analysis for DJI (NDVI, NIR, NDRE etc)

    Hi guys.. I am looking for a good software no to expensive to analysis my data collected with a phantom 4. I just tried the drone deploy; looks good but am looking something more complete and cheaper if possible for agricultural purposes...cheers
  5. brokenprops115

    Dolly Zoom Effect (Vertigo Effect) Without After Affects??

    Hi, I recently have been looking into a way to achieve the Dolly Zoom Effect with my P4A. I know what I need to do with my drone, but I have no way to edit the footage. I realize I can do it with After Effects, Vegas, Final Cut, etc. but I really don't want to spend a ton of cash on a software...

    BEST EDITING SOFTWARE DEMO - after 3 years I use this

    Hi, I am going to make some videos about the software editing I use, Its cheap and great for any drone pilot. I struggled in the earlly days with windows movie maker. etc. I hope you get some info from my attempts of editing. best
  7. Jack Ley

    FPV Camera??

    Over the last 5yrs or so I have had the P2, P3P and the P4, I sold each one to move to the next. About a year and a half ago my P4 literally fell out of the sky at 200ft while doing a waypoint mission through FPV Camera. To this day I don't know if it was that app or the fact I needed a...
  8. spiritburner

    Trying to identify model of Drone

    The other day I was given a Phantom unopened box with a untouched drone in it, it was a present for someone who apparently didn't want it, well i am a landscape and surveying photographer and would very much like some help in identifying which model phantom it is, I think it is a 1 , Its brand...
  9. tml4191

    How Do You Edit HEVC / H.265 Files Smoothly?

    I've found that vegas 14 lags when handling HEVC /h.265 files from my p4a, but it's fine with h.264 files regardless of mp4 or mov formats. If I were to convert my h.265 footage for easier editing, what's a recommended converter? I'd still be looking to color correct my footage though. For the...
  10. @

    Clipping video

    Hello, I know if I am out and have a say 15 minute video that DJI software will split it up into multiple files. I don't know the rhyme or reason and I'm wondering where the setting are for this. Ideally, I'd like to split all the video up into 30 minute clips to make it more manageable. Can...
  11. P

    Black verticle stripes running through video.

    I recently bought a used phantom 4, and after looking at the video I noticed that there are black verticle stripes running through the video. I did some research and reset all my camera settings and updated the drone, but the problem persisted. I turned over exposure warning off and the problem...
  12. inesingeniera

    Flight Planner for Pro Plus + Photogrammetry

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know those of you who own a Phantom 4 Pro Plus (the drone with the controller with the screen), which flight planner do you use. I tried Pix4D and UgCS but none of those can be installed. I'll use them to plan a series of photogrammetric surveys. Thank you very much, Ines
  13. R-dog

    Firmware/Software/IOS 11? No camera view or connection

    HELP! at wits end Just started flying after 6 months. here is the chronological order of events All going well then dropped iPad and broke screen. Could still fly using iPhone7 plus Decided to update firmware on both RC and Aircraft Got second hand iPad off eBay but old model that could only...
  14. A

    What do you use to get panorama shots? (P3SE)

    I bought Litchi (iOS) and found that it drifts while shooting. GAH! Apparently the Android version has a "legacy mode" option which reduces some new functionality but at least keeps it stable with GPS... For some reason Drone Pan won't connect, Hangar 360 won't connect... I'm going crazy! Is it...
  15. Newt59

    What Now?...

    So I went to fly today for the first time since Monday. Here at the ranch. And I was forced to sign into my DJI account before I could fly. I haven't updated anything, unless the app updated on its own. The normal flight screen shows for a second and then it is a promo screen talking up the...
  16. N

    Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades)

    Assistant 2: Assistant_Installer_mac_1.0.4.dmg
  17. M

    Cannot connect to DJI Assistant 2 with P3A, but can connect with Mavic Pro.

    Hello, I can't connect my P3 Advance to the DJI Assistant App. All drivers are installed properly, the USB cable is good, and the firewall is not causing me an issue. The laptop and cable I think are known good variables because my Mavic connects just fine. Does anyone have any...
  18. L

    P3PRO firmware update keeps failing

    Hello Community I am having a problem with my phantom 3 pro. It is constantly beeping very loud whenever you turn it on due to a failed update. I now have tried to reinstall the firmware on the drone (01.11.00) but it keeps failing over and over again. I have tried it using several micro SD...

    New Flyer- Few Questions/Problems

    Hi, I just bought a refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard and after a dew flights, I have been finding a few issues while testing out the features. I also have general questions about the drone: 1. When I fly out to about 1500ft, I lose connection. 2. When I set the home for "Return to Home" it...
  20. B

    Easy Beginner Video Editing

    Looking for suggestions for a good easy video editing software. I am running windows 10. I know there are really expensive nice ones out there that most of you use, but im looking only for something easy and user friendly to dabble around with. If its something I really enjoy as much as I think...