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  1. I

    What is the Coldest Temperature you can fly a Phantom 3 Standard?

    So I was wondering what is the coldest temperature people have been able to fly there Phantom 3 Standard safely? I know DJI says not to fly below 32 F but that is going to seriously limit my ability to fly during the winter. Also what is the minimum difference between dew point and temperature...
  2. M

    Phantom 3 gimbal error

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread as a few weeks ago my phantom 3 standard fell from about 5mt high damaging the Y motor, lower board and landing skids. Black ribbon cable and main gimbal power terminal block (white connector) in very good condition. I purchased and replaced the above damaged...
  3. P

    Gimbal Gone Wild!

    I am a retired mechanical / electrical engineer and work for a charitable organization that does pack-ups of the left-overs from estate sales for sale in our Thrift Store. I recently acquired several "partial" DJI Phantom 3 Standards from a sale, thinking that I could reassemble the carcasses...
  4. I

    Number of GPS Satellites

    So I began to use UAV Forecast to plan my flights and I noticed that it by default recommends that you have at least 9 GPS satellites that are visible and to be locked on to at least 12 GPS satellites. I am curious if people that fly the Phantom 3 Standard abide by the guide line or do you all...
  5. I

    SD Card Being Inconsistent

    So I just bought a used phantom 3 standard and I have been using a 64 gb SD card with it. However sometimes when I fly it says there is no card installed in the camera even though there is. But other times I have no problem. Is this a problem any one else has encountered? Thanks
  6. I

    Ipad Models for Phantom 3 Standard

    I am wanting to get a used ipad to use with my phantom 3 standard as I prefer the bigger screen when flying. So I am curious, what is the oldest model ipad one can use. When I used an old iphone 5s running 12.5.4 the connection between the phone and the drone was to sporadic to work while when I...
  7. C

    Phantom 3 standard gimbal won't move after replacing ribbon cable

    I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard and had to replace a damaged yaw arm and the ribbon cable. Now when I power on the drone the gimbal doesn't move at all, I can't control it with the controller. I repaired the yaw arm and replaced the ribbon cable with a knock off ribbon at first and had this...
  8. C

    Phantom 3 No SD Card

    Hi, my I have just dug out my Phantom 3 Standard, and it is on firmware 1.0.14+. When I open DJI GO, it tells me I need a firmware update, whenever I try to do it, it always says no SD card. I have tried formatting it as Fat32, buying an entirely compatible Sandisk 64GB sd formatted as exFat...
  9. N

    Magic Mod on P3 Standard 1.9.20

    Apologies for another magic power thread but I am having some issues. I am on firmware 1.9.20 but I cannot use the magic powers mod. I have drilled down and worked out that I cannot telnet into the drone. I can FTP but not telnet. I'm guessing this is something put in by DJI but does anyone...
  10. N

    Drone broke in storage

    Hi I have searched but couldn't find anything relevant (also I'm new here), So I had my Phantom 3 standard in the cupboard for maybe a year without flying. I went to fly it yesterday said it needed IMU calibration so tried to do that and it didn't work it kept failing at 2%. I saw you can fix...
  11. M

    What do drone videos do in isolation?

    What do drone videos do in isolation? They have a video conference call.
  12. feliminerva

    doing some research to make mods on a phantom 3

    hi guys, i'm new to this forum and i'm doing some research to decide wheather i'll buy a phantom 3a and mod it to be better(like changing it's motors, or adding some sensors, or even making the phavic conversion kit) or buy the 3pro/4 and just change it to phavic(for those who don't know what...
  13. wispdrone

    WTB Phantom 3 Standard Drones

    We are looking for several. We have been buying from $150 and up Please pm me (price) or email [email protected] Have a great holiday.
  14. W

    What’s a good upgrade from the P3S

    I have had my phantom 3 standard now for 3 years. I have used it to do a few small scale real estate jobs but other than that I make YouTube videos with it. I am wondering what’s a good upgrade that would not completely break the bank. And if it would brake the bank Explain why it is worth it
  15. J

    Problem with RC and Phantom 3 communication

    Hello everyone. I have made some modifications in the Phantom, because of a project of mine. I removed the camera and put new legs (don't know if it is the correct word). Everything was going well, nothing went wrong with the drone. But last Thursday (18/07), I tried to download the log files...
  16. A

    PS3 dropped out of the sky. Battery failure?

    Hey guys. I was hoping you guys could give this flight log a look and tell me what you think. At the end of the flight I was watching the drone and missed the on screen motor overloaded messages. I didn't realize something was wrong until the lights started flashing red signifying a landing. I...
  17. NG Phantom

    3.5 miles out and back again with the Phantom 3 Standard

    A personal best range and distance that was achieved a few weeks ago. This was a waypoint mission using Litchi. Farthest waypoint was 3.5 miles or 5.7 km away. Total distance was 7 miles or 11.4 km or 37,400 ft.
  18. NG Phantom

    Crash landing after smooth flight to look at a wind turbine

    Hi all, Filmed this just before last Christmas. A smooth gentle flight (with music) to check out a local wind turbine. Sun very low in the sky but doesn't spoil it too much. My intermittent problems with a jerky gimbal were already happening BEFORE this mission. Enjoy the landing :oops:
  19. NG Phantom

    Fireworks display - our first night flight

    Hi, This brief fireworks display was the first time that me and my son had tried flying at night. The display didn't last as long as we had hoped, although we did miss the first minute or so. No background soundtrack on this one - unusually for a drone video we actually have the sound of the...
  20. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...