phantom 3 standard

  1. A

    Standard PS3 dropped out of the sky. Battery failure?

    Hey guys. I was hoping you guys could give this flight log a look and tell me what you think. At the end of the flight I was watching the drone and missed the on screen motor overloaded messages. I didn't realize something was wrong until the lights started flashing red signifying a landing. I...
  2. NG Phantom

    3.5 miles out and back again with the Phantom 3 Standard

    A personal best range and distance that was achieved a few weeks ago. This was a waypoint mission using Litchi. Farthest waypoint was 3.5 miles or 5.7 km away. Total distance was 7 miles or 11.4 km or 37,400 ft.
  3. NG Phantom

    Crash landing after smooth flight to look at a wind turbine

    Hi all, Filmed this just before last Christmas. A smooth gentle flight (with music) to check out a local wind turbine. Sun very low in the sky but doesn't spoil it too much. My intermittent problems with a jerky gimbal were already happening BEFORE this mission. Enjoy the landing :oops:
  4. NG Phantom

    Fireworks display - our first night flight

    Hi, This brief fireworks display was the first time that me and my son had tried flying at night. The display didn't last as long as we had hoped, although we did miss the first minute or so. No background soundtrack on this one - unusually for a drone video we actually have the sound of the...
  5. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...
  6. T

    Hello from Oswestry Shropshire, UK

    Hello all, My name is Gareth I have just purchased a used Phantom 3 standard from a friend who got it in a deal for a Team Associated R/C 1/8th scale buggy. so I'm new to flying a drone though I've only flown this particular drone twice. It seems that the previous owner though has modified...
  7. R

    Problem with P3S controller - any help would be greatly appreciated

    I have a Phantom 3 Standard and I'm having problems with the controller. - I can connect my tablet to the controller through wifi - I can see the video from the camera on my tablet - I can control the camera gimbal from the tablet Problem - I cannot control the drone or camera gimbal from the...
  8. drumrocker365

    [SOLD] Phantom 3 Standard w/ backpack, extra battery + more

    I'm selling my Phantom 3 Standard drone I don't use anymore. It's in excellent condition and has barely been used. Asking $475 + shipping and it comes with the following: Drone and remote 2 OEM authentic batteries, barely used Polar Pro Drone Trekker backpack Standard battery charger 100W DJI...
  9. C

    P3S---change control?

    Hi all, this is my first entry in this forum and I hope you can help me. I am not comfortable with the control of the P3S. Therefore I would like to change it. The left control stick should be up and down and flying left and right. The right control stick should be flying forwards, backwards...
  10. Punisher124

    New Phantom 3 Standard Controler For Sale

    New Phantom 3 Standard Controler never used $75.00
  11. W

    So I kinda crashed my Phantom 3 standard (and some help could come in handy)

    Hey guys, my phantom 3 standard reciently broke and i need some help to know what is wrong with it so i can (hopefully) fix it! So the thing is that I accidentally started flying the drone inverted in a closed space so in order not to hit it against a wall I landed it, but I landed it really...
  12. D

    Standard New, replacement P3S controller password?

    I just purchased a new replacement controller but cannot get it connected to the P3 because it will not accept what I believe to be the default password of 12341234. I have had amy P3 Standard for more than a year. My firmware is up to date. My DJI app is up to date. I modified my previous...
  13. D

    P3 Bird Side Mods for the 5.8 GHz

    Hello Drone Nerds. Lol I'm looking for a little recommendation. I'm new to drones and I'm a DIY guy. I love to restore something or make something better. After a crappy drone I brought a P3 SE. I have installed The Blue proton antenna set up with Alpha panels. I also installed some P3...
  14. R

    Phantom 3 Standard For Sale with Extra Case!!!

    have a phantom 3 standard in very good condition almost perfect beside dirty propellers, includes everything from original purchase such as charger, RC, parts, stickers, and more. Also comes with a case that can store the phantom, the RC, and extras in it. looking for around $335 for all of it...
  15. B

    Best DBSMod Add-ons

    Hey Guys - I purchased and installed a DBSMod a few months ago for my Phantom 3 Standard. Unfortunately, the range increases weren't as large as I had hoped. So, I wanted to post to see what (if anything) you would suggest in addition to the DBSMod such as specific mini-amps, drone-side...
  16. R


    Never crashed never had any problems flys like brand new looks almost new besides the sticker colors changed and the camera is intact beautiful photos and videos original parts and controller all 8 propellers(the propellers and the only thing that look dirty but are like new in terms of use) and...
  17. T

    Is the P3 se antenna same as P3 standard antenna? PLS HELP!!!

    hi guys, I want to replace my antenna for my Phantom3 se but because mine broke right in the middle. I want to order a new one but can't find one particularly for the p3 se. There are a lot of them for the P3 standard tho. If you don't know which antenna im talking about, its the antenna in the...
  18. gmonatl

    Standard Phantom 3 losing datalink after argtek install

    I recently upgraded my antenna set to the Argtek antennas. My initial flights were very close mainly to test the connection and ensure the antennas were connected properly. Recently i extended to a longer test track. That's where the trouble began. I am losing some signal at a very short range...
  19. I

    Arm bent after crash

    I was recently flying my Phantom 3 Standard when a gust of wind took it into some tree branches. It fell about 7 feet or so and bent the end of one of the arms, so the propeller keeps running into the arm. If anyone has had this problem or one similar to it I would appreciate some tips on what...
  20. Pixies Channel.

    Beautiful English country side.

    Hi all, This is the beautiful English countryside filmed with my Phantom 3 Standard. I did a little bit of editing to brighten up the greenery. I hope you enjoyed the video . Thanks for watching.