phantom 3 standard

  1. T

    Phantom 3 Standard RC Signal Lost

    So I've been flying my drone recently and every time I get to a certain altitude, my RC Signal would drop out. I have my max altitude set to 500 meters, but I never fly over 400 ft. But I can't even get to 400 ft. The highest I've reached is our 200 ft. I've reset the RC Link 3 times I...
  2. DjiPhantomMenace

    Traveling To China then Philippines from US

    Hi guys quick question. I'm planning on bringing my P3 Standard on a trip this March-April from the US to China onward to the Philippines, I don't plan on flying my drone in Shanghai or Hong Kong. However, I do plan on flying in the Philippines. What are the regulations in china when just...
  3. Cavecrawler

    Severn Beach and Second Severn crossing

    A brief break in the weather last week allowed a quick flight whilst the sun shone-
  4. MrRobville

    Selling value P3S?

    Hi All, Could anyone give me an idea of how much the P3S is still worth? I want to sell mine online. It's in perfect shape, has an authentic extra battery, propguards with phantomclips and a modified bag where the whole lot can fit in. Second handed asking prices seem to vary quite a bit online...
  5. A

    Dji P3S losing signal at around 400m.

    Hey. My DJI Phantom 3 standard loses signal at around 400m. I have tried adjusting the antenna and even bought a range extender. Beginner mode is off and everything else works perfectly with the drone. Am flying in an area far away from radio interference and was wondering if anyone could help...
  6. T

    Standard Not hovering properly, also one motor doesn't sound right compared to the others

    So I got my Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas and being new to this I have crashed a few times (3 to be exact). They werend major crashes, one little scratch is on the body near a motor. But today I went ou near my local beach and started flying. I knew something was wrong because it wasnt...
  7. Cavecrawler

    Blaise Castle, Bristol, UK

    Nipped out on my lunch break to make the most of a break in the weather.
  8. John in JAX

    Fly-A-Aways with P3S

    Good Afternoon All, Waiting for Christmas day to "officially" receive my new P3S, and I am home sick, So digging threw the forums. I noted stories of DJI Mavics and I assume Phantoms too, have been lost. Some of the stories can be attributed to weather, GPS/RTH, but very few operator errors...
  9. Primpwatcher

    Power line encounter

    Just want to show everyone how easy it is to fly into power lines, or almost fly into them. The sun was very bright, so I was using a filter on the camera. Not sure if it was the sun, the filter, or where I was standing, but I did not see the lower power lines. I was clear of the higher ones. I...
  10. K

    New Phantom 3 Standard - battery question on discharging

    I *have* googled and seen many posts on battery care, but I'm confused on what to do here. I have the stock charger and the 100W charger too, but being in Colorado where the weather can change in a 5-minute period, I'd like to know the best way to discharge batteries in the event I can't get...
  11. S

    Flashing Rear Lights (Red Yellow Green)

    Hello, I got a phantom 3 standard. It was crashed and gimbal is broken from the yaw. The rear lights keep flashing red, green yellow. I have tried to connect it to the controller through app and manually but it doesn't connect. I have tried follow methods: - Manually: Turn the wheel to left...
  12. M

    Trouble Flying with Modern Android Phones (OnePlus 5, Google Pixel 2)

    Hi, I've had trouble flying with a OnePlus 5 and Pixel 2. On both of these phones, I have two problems: 1. I can connect to my Phantom Standard's wifi and receive a video image from the drone, but the image is extremely choppy and only updates every 3-5 seconds. 2. When I get further than a...
  13. R

    Can a Phantom 3 Standard 2.7k camera be used to replace a broken Phantom 3 SE 4k camera?

    The SE and Standard have the exact same size camera with the exact same connections... I'm not even sure if the SE is really 4k because the two cameras are identical. Has any one tried this?
  14. J

    Looking For an Upgraded Controller

    Hi I am new to this forum so hopefully I am posting in the right area. Anyway I am looking for an upgraded Phantom 3 Standard Controller, that has (preferably) the ARGTEK upgrade on it. Would need to ship to Illinois, and hoping to spend anywhere from 60-100 depending on what system you have...
  15. D

    Hi, please help with shooting better drone footage

    Hi all, I recently bought the phantom 3 standard and have been taking it out on a few flights in my local area. I am comfortable flying and can handle most average conditions really well, but I am not too sure on how to improve my video techniques. I have made a compilation of my most recent...
  16. D

    Hello, from Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Hi all, I recently bought the phantom 3 standard and have been taking it out on a few flights in my local area. I am comfortable flying and can handle most average conditions really well, but I am not too sure on how to improve my video techniques. I have made a compilation of my most recent...
  17. gingerbloke

    Litchi underestimating waypoint flight time

    I've been running Litchi missions on a P3S, all working 100% but I did 5 slightly different missions earlier today and all were completed in less time than the mission planner said. ie, the 5th flight the mission planner said 16 minutes total but the flight completed in 12 minutes. No sections...
  18. Green Phantom

    Cornwall England Cinematic Featurette

    Hi Everyone Cornwall has a special place in my heart so i could not wait to use my drone there. I have created a Cornwall Featurette of this special and beautiful place.
  19. R

    Standard crash my phontom 3 standard if ur black or grey cant be hooked back up

    Tempory fix, the grey and black wire are ur wifi video transmission to ur controler. I had a pair spare antennas aready.I didn't have the tiny screw driver, and wanted to test the bird p3s. So I taped the antenna to outside of bird and hook to camera board.Where the same ant sits inside behind...
  20. Primpwatcher

    Land Between The Lakes, KY at the Overlook

    I was out flying my Phantom 3 Standard back in Aug. I took this pic while at the Overlook between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley located in Western Kentucky. I'm still new to this so the pic quality will get better over time.