phantom 3 standard

  1. A

    unable to start the motors manually by sticks (Phantom 3 standard)

    Hi there , I am now here : ) I have had my Phantom 3 standard for 6 days . but I have problem that I am unable to start the motors manually by two sticks after that I use Auto takeoff , it was worked but I could not control my aircraft there was no action by sticks ( up ,down ,left , right ) on...
  2. G

    Aeroplane mode p3 standard?

    I recently purchased a p3 standard and a nexus 7 to use as ground control. Ive seen a few people mention running tablet in aeroplane mode, but does this not disable the wifi as well any guidance on this would be much appreciated.
  3. R

    Go Professional backpack for Phantom 3 Standard?

    I want to get a Go Professional backpack for my Phantom 3 Standard..... They only sell them to fit the advanced and professional. They say that you can't modify the foam to fit the controller. Anyone have any experience with this? Any other case/backpack recommendations? Thanks.
  4. L

    Standard On the go charging

    Hello, I recently got my DJI P3 std. I was wondering if there's is a way to charge the battery on the go with a portable charger that is USB output (using an adapter). I know getting another battery will be helpful and is something I will do but they are expensive and I feel the portable...
  5. mike.alexander

    Standard Wi-Fi range

    I recently purchased a second hand Phantom 3 Standard and have been disappointed with the range of the Wi-Fi (for live video and telemetry data). Even when flying on open ground with the nearest house about 300m away, I lose the signal a close as 30m away. From what I've read online, I was...
  6. respibob

    Just ordered my Phantom 3 Standard

    Hello all! I found this forum poking around for stuff about the Phantom 3 Standard. I just place my order today. I am basically a total newbie as I have only flown a little Syma drone before. I have been studying and trying to decide what one would work best for me and settled on the 3 standard...
  7. R

    Different antenna upgrade configurations, which would you choose?

    I'm looking on this offering on aliexpress. Problem is need to choose between 4 different antenna configurations (choosing color on offering page). Which one would you choose? I guess the second one is closest to original ARGtek.
  8. N

    FLYING OVER CLIFFS a cinematic experiment with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I went out a few days ago to hike at a local hiking path near a mysterious beach and misty cliffs. I took the opportunity to fly a bit over the cliffs and experiment with a bit of a cinematic feel to the edit. Certainly had fun doing this :) Constructive comments are welcome ! Thanks for...
  9. M

    Max Height Limit?

    My phantom 3 drone, that I recently purchased has a limit of 400 ft, does anyone know how I can surpass this limit, or change the settings somewhere, so it allows me to increase max height distance?
  10. Dragonfyr

    Standard Stick down = Engine Cut Off?

    Just started to get the problem where i pull down the left stick, it locks (as they all do), but then it kills the motors... ?? I usually put that stick into the lock position when i want the phantom to descend. So why is it doing this now? (Phantom 3 Standard - ARGtek Antenna) Suggestions...
  11. Mustygoose

    Standard video quality worse after crash.7

    hi everyone, I had a minor crash the other week which snapped the vibration plate. I replaced this and ever since the video quality has taken a real knock. Video seems really low quality, even tho set in 2.7k I have viewed video before and after crash and def a major difference. Have checked...
  12. J

    P3S FPV wifi antenna wires snapped after crash

    I was flying down a path in between trees when my drone lost GPS the wind took it and it flew into a tree. Luckily I wasn't flying too high but the crash ripped both the wifi antenna wires apart that attach to the gimbal. Has anyone got any advice on replacement antennas. Am I correct in...
  13. Marcel Baarsch

    Old Steam Tractor Runs After Full Restoration

    Hello! I used my Phantom to film a steam tractor that was just recently restored in Willits, California. Check out my new video which contains drones shots and a drone shot montage. Also check out my channel, I will be posting more drone videos in the future. Marcel Baarsch
  14. Procharged97

    No Rubberband Free Cruise Control Mod for P3 Standard!!

    Hey what's up guys!!. This mod is for you long range guys with a P3S that don't want to use a rubber band. You do have to open up the TX but if your a distance flyer then you probably already had your TX opened up before and know your way around in there. This is very,very easy to do and the...
  15. bradrun


    Ok i haven't seen any post to share everyone's youtube channel or videos so we all can watch each others videos as they post them. My channel is Brad Run. ADMIN EDIT: only post your youtube name and or link, no videos or other chat. Post your YT name only once. Do not post to others that you...
  16. N

    Flying in the woods with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Not the ideal conditions to film due to the very harsh light, but I had to try a first flight in the woods with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It was a learning experience ! GPS was very weak and took a few minutes for the drone to acquire signal. Then, when flying, I kept losing GPS signal, so...
  17. R

    P3S, can I connect phone (Android) with cable to RC?

    Hello all New to the forum, and also just got my P3 Standard. Is it possible/desirable to connect my Android phone to the P3S remote controller via a usb cable? I understand with Pro/Adv versions this is possible, but how about the Standard, where the remote only has a micro-usb port?
  18. unklodie

    Phantom 3 Standard : Tutorial Video Compilation

  19. D

    Standard ARGtek mode or DBS mode with a P3S that has signal lost issue

    Hello... my P3S loosing signal within 40-m after 1.6.8 firmware upgrading.. I wonder what will happen If I use DBS mode or ARGtek in this situation.. if you have tried it.. please tell me the results.. Can we get at least 500m range??