dji go 4

  1. 9

    No video feed on brand new P4A+

    Hi y’all this is my first drone so I’ve been looking forward to using it. I’m able to fly the drone and control it but I don’t have any video feed and i’m unable to take videos and photos. When I try to see the photo I’ve taken the album will not load and just cycles endlessly. I’ve installed...
  2. F

    Security doubts.

    Hi All. I was flying with the Litich and I lost all control of the drone, the drone was not more than 800m. I started DJI GO 4 and managed to bring it back successfully. Now I am thinking of taking the following action before flying, and I would like your opinion if RTH will work. 1. Turn on DJI...
  3. Nowelly

    Update your P4P "data"

    I am having problems with this... When I remove the cable from between my tablet and the aircraft, and plug into my aircraft, it puts a screen up how to connect (which is actually what I did and nothing happens!) any ideas please of how to do this? When I connect to Dji Assistant on my PC, no...
  4. P

    Setting picture resolution in DJI Go4

    All, After installing the DJI Go 4 app and getting familiar with the GUI, I have still not yet been able to locate the area where you can set the pixel resolution of the camera. Is there DJI Go4 documentation somewhere or could someone point out to me where I can find these settings? Thanks
  5. M

    Syncing flight data between devices?

    I fly my Phantom using the DJI Go 4 software on either my iPhone or iPad. It doesn't seem as if my flights are synced between the two devices even if I use the manual sync command to attempt to do so. Is there a way to do that I'm missing?
  6. TMM777

    Nexus 7 help needed!

    I have a 2013 Nexus 7, 32GB (recommended by DJI) tablet that is giving me fits. Clearly I don't have the settings correct.This tablet wants to update to Android OS 6.01 from the current 5.1. I have updates shut off but it still keeps giving me the message to upgrade. The tablet software crashes...
  7. tml4191

    Error 944 on Samsung Note 8

    I went to Best Buys electronics store to check out the new Samsung Note 8. I logged into my account and downloaded DJI Go 4, but it didn't install! I know it was a display unit, but the phone allowed me to download the Netflix app. I got this error: I'm still leaning to get this phone, but will...
  8. N

    Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades)

    Assistant 2: Assistant_Installer_mac_1.0.4.dmg
  9. O

    Enable Max Distance reset

    I'm still bugged by the "automatic" resetting of the Enable Max Distance setting in GJI Go 4, that is, from "Enabled" to "Disabled", whenever I change batteries. I don't remember this being required before, so I'm guessing something in the firmware has changed. Am I missing something? Is there...
  10. ProDrone

    DJI GO 4 4.1.4: Failed to get resource file

    I am beginning to hate DJI. The new update to DJI GO 4 version 4.1.4 is failing dramatically. I can't get it installed from Play and tried to install the APK manually. But nothing seems to work.... Wtf is DJI doing exept promoting their worst drone (Spark) ever!!!!!
  11. O

    Pressuring DJI to backout Enable Max Distance reset

    As some of you know, ending a mission, and changing out a battery causes the Enable Max Distance button (in DJI Go 4) to reset to off (assuming you had previously set it to on/green/enabled). If you are a frequent Litchi user, you may well see this reset manifested in the following error...
  12. Ing Zimmerman

    Gen Setting - About - Version???

    Hi All. With DJI GO 4 App. In General Setting - About We have information here on what is installed. I have information on most of what is there, except for the second item. Just after App there is Version . What version are they talking about here. It is the only missing information I have on...
  13. Michael Thompson

    Using Drone Deploy with DJI GO 4 question

    If I want to use Drone Deploy, do I launch DJI Go 4 then Drone Deploy? Do I only launch Drone Deploy? Can they both be up at the same time? Very basic question. Thank you.
  14. O

    Litchi: "Over maximum flight radius" after battery change

    Just in case this helps anybody: I recently began seeing the popup error message when starting Litchi waypoint missions: "Start Mission Failed - Over maximum flight radius". I discovered that when I see that error message, I can start DJI Go 4 and see that it has lost the "Enabled/On" selection...
  15. N

    DJI Go 4 lockup

    DJI Go Ver. 4 freezes within the first few minutes every time I try to fly my P4 with it. So I continued using the earlier version of Go until yesterday, when it threw a screen saying I now MUST use version 4 for P4 and higher. I'm running it on a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. So yesterday I was...
  16. TMM777

    Go 4 App still crashes, Nexus 7 v2 factory OS 5.1

    Nexus 7, v2 was turned back to factory settings including a factory version of Android Os 5.1.1. I have flown 5 or so times since the rollback to factory settings and each time Go 4 crashed. I was LOS so no worries but I was surprised each time it crashed as it took more than 20 minutes of...
  17. TMM777

    Nexus 7, factory OS 5.1.1 still crashing Go 4 app

    Nexus 7, version 2 was turned back to factory settings including a factory version of Android Os 5.1.1. I have flown 5 or so times since the rollback to factory settings and each time Go 4 crashed. I was LOS so no worries but I was surprised each time it crashed as it took more than 20 minutes...
  18. Nowelly

    DJI GO 4.0.4 Android (Phantom 4 Pro)

    I just wondered please if any users had yet had experiences of the Go app crashing on them mid flight? If it has, what was your experience, did you lose control (of the aircraft), what were the consequences (if any at all), and what did you do to overcome the crashes (of the software, that is)...
  19. P

    Can't connect Android to DJI Go, Go 4 or Litchi

    Ok, I've seen a few threads here, but none have helped yet. Just picked up a P4 and I'm trying to connect my Samsung Tab A to the drone. So far, the only thing that works is to plug in the USB and reboot the device, at which point it automatically loads DJI Go. There's no other method that...
  20. P

    Course Lock how to set up in dji go 4

    Hello, Does anyone know how to set up Course Lock using the DJI Go 4, for the phantom pro 4? Thank you.