Jan 17, 2017
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I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. During the crash the gimbal ribbon cable ripped and the gimbal roll arm broke. I ordered a new ribbon cable, roll arm and a pitch motor just in case the current pitch motor also got damaged during the crash. I just installed the new ribbon cable, roll arm and pitch motor. After turning on the drone, image transmission works fine and also the LED light on the gimbal are blinking (fast green blinking during startup and then slow red blinking). Only issue is that the gimbal is completly dead. It doesn't react/level during startup and also doesn't react to any remote control comands. Just hangs down dead from the drone the entire time. The DJI App displays "Gimbal Roll Error" and "Hardware Malfunction. Contact DJI Support for repairs". I just don't know where to look for the error...

As the image transmission is working and the LED is blinking, the new ribbon cable has to be installed correctly and the gimbal is recieving electricity. I think its highly unlikely that Yaw, Roll and Pitch Motor are all damaged at the same time. Any ideas? If the Roll Motor is damaged, shouldn't the Yaw and Pitch Motor continue working?
Hey Tim,
There are lots of things that can go wrong in a crash, especially the gimbal.
If you crashed hard enough to damage and/or break an arm off, then there are possibilities for further damage.
1) you can have main gimbal board damage ( if gimbal base smashed into belly of phantom ) components on board could be damaged, or yaw shaft bent, magnets thrown out of whack.
2) each of the other 2 ( roll and pitch motors ) use a small circuit board with potentiometers on them, ( this might be your problem? ) these can damage easily in a crash.
3) even if you believe the ribbon is inserted correctly, you'd be amazed at what an incorrect ribbon can cause! I'd scrutinize EVERYTHING, CLOSELY.

Inspect the boards ( with magnifying glass ) large one is best, for any visual damage ( mainboard ), inspect smaller boards, and detach and reattach ribbon, at those points, also examine ribbon for possible breaks ( remember ribbons can be defective as well from factory ) although highly unusual, but it can happen. If all else fails, call my buddy, he can guide you further , he is in California, so please be courteous of time change, his name is Mike Holt, 530-277-5366.

Hope this helps
J Dot
After a 3 standard crash I replaced the roll motor, Yaw Arm, and cable. Bird fiys perfict camera shoots stils, and video, but gimble and camera do not respond at start up or input from controller. There is a soft clickinking noise and the caqmera does tritch a little. I have done IMU and Gimble calibration with no improvement. Memo "hardware malfunction" says contact DJI support for details. Contacted DJI WAITING. Your guys knowledge would be great!
I am looking for the top part of the gimbal do anyone know where I can purchase it? if so please contact me through email @ [email protected]
Don't know what you mean by top part, but you can buy just about anything on Ebay. I just got a whole unit for $50. You have to do some looking but whatever you need is there.

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