1. P

    Which gimbal motor has failed? yaw, pitch, roll...

    When I turn on the P3, the gimbal does nothing. No crazy dance or anything. If I move it side to side, it will emit a faint buzz. The camera is fine, and live view and recording works. There is a "yaw error" in the Go app. Recalibrating doesn't fix it. The gimbal appears fine. No cracks...
  2. Z

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Gimbal Pitch/Tilt Issue.

    Okay, so I had a pretty bad crash with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Gimbal plate broke, flex cable and 2.4Ghz antennas ripped right out of the gimbal and stripped the connectors off the end that connects to the logic board of the gimbal. The plastic connector on the gimbal logic board was ripped...
  3. N

    Gimbal Pitch Not Working

    I have a weird one. I flew my P3P last Sunday with no issues. Put everything away as usual. Took everything out this afternoon to fly, setup with DJI Go, launched, went up to around 100 feet and started checking the horizon, exposure, etc. When I went to adjust the gimbal pitch I get nothing. I...
  4. Goldie

    Catherine palace - Saint Peterburg

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  5. L

    Phantom 3Adv Camera Pitch uncontrollable

    Hello guys, I am currently fixing my friend Phantom 3Adv which crashed to a tree. And cannot figure out where the problem is. The camera row axis cover and the ribbon cable were broken after the crash. I just replaced them and all looks fine. But soon I find that the pitch axis is not working...
  6. T

    I have image transmission but a dead gimbal

    I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. During the crash the gimbal ribbon cable ripped and the gimbal roll arm broke. I ordered a new ribbon cable, roll arm and a pitch motor just in case the current pitch motor also got damaged during the crash. I just installed the new ribbon cable, roll arm and...
  7. J

    Litchi: Out of Range Tilt Camera Action

    Hello, I have a Phantom 3 Standard. I have flown a few out of range missions with Litchi. The drone points in the direction but does not point camera down. I understand the app cannot angle the gimbal if the drone is out of range. From my understanding, after reading many threads on the topic...
  8. L


    Hi. I want to fly a drone directly. So i download SimulatorDemo(virtualstick) and make a pitch and roll code in Demo. Pitch and roll code is working but when i press Enable virtual stick, I thought drone is supposed to fly in the spot, but drone(P3S) starts to move in wrong direction(I don't...
  9. D

    Wanted: Vision 2 + camera pitch motor

    Broke the shaft on mine in heavy landing. If you have one of these for pitch driver circuit board v2 for sale, please let me know price plus cost of postage to France. Many thanks, Tony
  10. D

    Camera pitch motors

    Hi, I broke the camera pitch motor shaft in a heavy landing on my Phantom 2 Vision +. I want to buy a new motor, but can only find them for Phantom 3. Is it the same motor and can I use a Phantom 3 camera pitch motor on a Phantom 2 with a gimbal driver pitch v2 circuit board? Many thanks!
  11. L

    How to control gimbal's yaw, roll?

    I want to control gimbal's yaw, roll using SDK(mobile). SDK serve GimbalCapabilityView. It looks Gimbals'pitch, yaw, roll. but Gimbal's pitch is only enable(button). how to enable Gimbals' yaw, roll button?
  12. W

    Camera yaws when I move pitch control

    After a recent accident the gimbal flat wire needed replaced. After replacing it everything seems to turn on fine but the camera controls are messed up. Not only is the camera at a tilt but now when I move the camera wheel that's supposed to pitch the camera the yaw motor wants to move. My...
  13. A

    Litchi Gimbal Pitch

    To simplify the issue I set a mission with a POI and had 2 way points before and after. I set to focus the POI to calculate the angel and I used the interpolate setting for the gimbal pitch. What I found happened was the pitch would change to the correct angle (slowly as interpolate does) then...