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    Phantom 4 Pro Camera Roll/Yaw Motor ESC

    Hello I need to replace the Roll/Yaw ESC on my camera. I have found a replacement part for the Phantom 4 on E-Bay. It looks the same as the Pro one.My question is will it work on the Pro Camera.If not can you steer me in the right direction to get the correct board for the Phantom 4 Pro. Thanks!
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    I have image transmission but a dead gimbal

    I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. During the crash the gimbal ribbon cable ripped and the gimbal roll arm broke. I ordered a new ribbon cable, roll arm and a pitch motor just in case the current pitch motor also got damaged during the crash. I just installed the new ribbon cable, roll arm and...
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    Hi. I want to fly a drone directly. So i download SimulatorDemo(virtualstick) and make a pitch and roll code in Demo. Pitch and roll code is working but when i press Enable virtual stick, I thought drone is supposed to fly in the spot, but drone(P3S) starts to move in wrong direction(I don't...
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    Limp Roll on Gimbal

    P3P, boots up and operates fine almost all of the time. In cooler temperatures (15ºC is the warmest I've seen it happen) the ROLL on the camera gimbal goes limp. The gimbal seems to be functioning normally except it hangs to the left side. Tilt/Pan are fine, the roll just continually makes a...
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    How to control gimbal's yaw, roll?

    I want to control gimbal's yaw, roll using SDK(mobile). SDK serve GimbalCapabilityView. It looks Gimbals'pitch, yaw, roll. but Gimbal's pitch is only enable(button). how to enable Gimbals' yaw, roll button?
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    Gimbal Roll Adjustment Misbehaves

    I was manually setting the gimbal roll adjustment while flying using the + and - buttons. I'd get the horizon level looking and a second or so later the horizon would pop out of alignment again. My manual adjustment wouldn't stick. This happened over and over. Is this newbie operator error or...
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    Camera yaws when I move pitch control

    After a recent accident the gimbal flat wire needed replaced. After replacing it everything seems to turn on fine but the camera controls are messed up. Not only is the camera at a tilt but now when I move the camera wheel that's supposed to pitch the camera the yaw motor wants to move. My...
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    Crash and problem with the roll motor gimbal

    I had an accident recently with my phantom 3 and luckily still fly , but the camera gimbal not stabilized horizontally. (in the video you can see how it behaves ) . I disarmed the yaw motor and in that moment fell like dust parts of the magnet, that was the reason why when one moved his with the...
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    Phantom3 Pro gimbal alginment issue

    Dears Since some days I discover an issue with my gimbal of the Phantom 3 Pro. When I turn the P3 on the gimbal is initializing but ends in a tilted position. A soft noise coming from the gimbal can be heard. After performing 2 auto gimbal calibrations and tap on the gimbal roll will bring the...