roll arm

  1. B

    Roll arm bent?

    I have seen this question on here but it didn't help me too much. So after crashing the Phantom, the roll arm was bent (see photo) and it is doing things like tilting the camera sideways up and down. It is just bent in that way and just that part (to my knowledge) that is broken. My questions...
  2. T

    I have image transmission but a dead gimbal

    I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. During the crash the gimbal ribbon cable ripped and the gimbal roll arm broke. I ordered a new ribbon cable, roll arm and a pitch motor just in case the current pitch motor also got damaged during the crash. I just installed the new ribbon cable, roll arm and...
  3. A

    No Camera/Video Capture - after Crash Phantom 3

    Look at the video ... Could anyone help??? Drone Issue.mp4
  4. blgli

    WTB: Phantom 3 Standard Roll Arm/Yaw Arm/Ribbon Cable

    Like the thread title says. Looking for a Phantom 3 STANDARD roll arm, yaw arm and ribbon cable. From what I understand the yaw arm is the same for P3S/P3P/P3A, but the roll arm I know is not. Not sure about the ribbon cable. I wouldn't mind a milled aluminum aftermarket piece but I have...
  5. D

    Professional P3P Roll Arm Removal

    My gimbal roll arm is bent, I might need to buy a new roll arm and replace it. I might be able to just bent this one back, we'll see. How do you remove the roll arm from the yaw arm? Anyone have info or videos, was trying to find one on YouTube. I hear it's stuck together by magnets, but seams...
  6. M

    Professional Crash and problem with the roll motor gimbal

    I had an accident recently with my phantom 3 and luckily still fly , but the camera gimbal not stabilized horizontally. (in the video you can see how it behaves ) . I disarmed the yaw motor and in that moment fell like dust parts of the magnet, that was the reason why when one moved his with the...