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  1. Snowboard.paul

    Sep 19, 2016
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    Hey whassup guys,
    I'm new to the forum..
    Phantom 4 pilot for a few months now, getting used to it. My camera work isn't as smooth as I'd like just yet lol

    I'm here to ask you guys about flying it up in the alps, filming myself and our crew snowboarding.

    This was the main reason I've bought it..
    After last season with gopro filming and seeing a drone over the half pipe filming another rider.. I was like.. I want one!

    So we're going to mayrhofen in Austria, 7 th January. The resort ranges from 1800M to 2800M above sea level, it will be deep powder snow with big dumps of snow most nights. Temperature will probably be around 2 Celsius, maybe upto 6 at midday. ( obviously 150 metres above us, I'd expect it to be colder) .
    I'm not after flying it in falling snow, maybe for some fill shots, but filming us tearing it through the powder snow I will probably wait for a bluebird day.. Or at least clear..

    Rambling over.. To the point..

    Will the phantom 4 handle all these conditions? Does anyone have say experience. You can imagine if it drops out the sky into 4 foot of powder snow, I'm probably never going to find it lol

    Thank-you in advance!
  2. dgriffnz

    Jul 23, 2016
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    Alexandra, N.Z.
    I've experienced a low definition blurr in the centre of the screen shooting during the harsh Central Otago winter. Over on the DJI forum DJI-Paladin said the cold can affect the camera. Others have indicated that it is the metal components contracting in the cold temperatures. Who knows, but I do think there is a slight improvement now spring is upon us.

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  3. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    I have used mine in snow conditions right from the start as we still had snow on the ground when I received mine. I've consistently used it near to -10ÂșC, I've used it to ActiveTrack myself on my snowmobile with an occasional very slight flurry falling and I've never had any issues. At those temperatures I've always kept my batteries warm inside my coat and let the Phantom warm up prior to flight on the ground.
  4. 4wd


    Mar 31, 2014
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    North York Moors
    You might even risk it in light falling snow if it's dry stuff, Around freezing point is no problem at all though as above batteries work best at 15C and above. A sudden call for power from a cold battery might not go too well.
    Be very gentle the first minute or two, it will warm during the flight to a reasonably operating temperature
  5. kingkong90210

    Jul 19, 2016
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    Have flownon thw ski slopes without amy problems. Batteries were kept warm in a car before flying. Felt the same as flying anywhere else
  6. Peter Galbavy

    Aug 25, 2016
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    No experience myself, but be aware that Active Track will not descend below take off height so will not follow a skier / boarder down hill without staying at a level.
  7. stanfran

    Apr 15, 2014
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    Dedham, Ma USA
    the day I received my P4 my P3 became my backup and I was taking a few more risks with it. Flew it in snowstorm. Had an issue with battery only because it was in my cold car. Once it warmed up I flew a waypoints mission and it pretty much flew fine despite snow and wind. Below is link to short clip

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