1. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Cold Sunset - Norway

    Hi all! Yesterday, I finally got the shots i wanted of the sun going down behind some hills from a frozen lake. The colors were beautiful and I think i managed the shooting pretty well - very satisified with the result! Please, have a look yourself and don't hesitate with feedback + or - :)...
  2. T

    Can anyone help me with this? Camera tilts I when I gain altitude?

    hi guys, I flew my drone today, it was cold around 32F (0C) and I had been flying for around 5 mins, I did warm mothers up etc before hand. flight was going well, until I tried going high. I was probably at around 900ft which I know is too high before anyone comments. anyway I noticed my camera...
  3. See Norway

    SeeNorway - NEW video releases! :)

  4. See Norway

    SeeNorway - FLYING under a bridge in Drammen

    Hi all Phantompilots :) I flew under a bridge multiple times in this video with no complications. Footage from a city south of Oslo called Drammen. Please sub if you like, cheers. SeeNorway on YouTube
  5. See Norway

    SeeNorway - COLD and sunny with JOAKIM KARUD funk!

    This video has driving music from Joakim Karud that is a treat in its own. So please enjoy another banging release :) Like SeeNorway on facebook? Subscribe to SeeNorway on YouTube?
  6. See Norway

    SeeNorway - Gjersjøen - 4k cold ice lake

    Hi peepz :) Just finished editing a short video of a small lake covered by ice. SeeNorway on youtube
  7. See Norway

    SeeNorway - CLOUD Surfing nice waves over snowy grounds

    Hi good folks :) I just finished editing my cloud surfing video. This was a day that suddenly turned bad but ended in an awesome experience. Please enjoy and fly safe :) Youtube channel SeeNorway: SeeNorway
  8. G

    A cold, breezy flight with some lessons learned

    After having a great flight the other day, I've been desperate to get out, but the wind up here is really strong, with the lowest being 15m/s since I filmed this video. Today the forecast showed 8m/s AGL pushing up to 12 at 50m but I thought I'd see how I got on. As soon as I stepped out in my...
  9. thefrisbee995

    Frosty England!

    So it's been frosty recently here in south England (not snowy unlike up north), not raining all the time and been about -5/6c. I thought I would try and get some video of the frost and make something nice with it using my P4P. Didn't really go to plan but I still think I made a nice short video...
  10. See Norway

    Snow Machine Action!! :)

    Playing with a couple of snow machines. A short, nice video with good music :) If you like the video, please visit my channel for more: SeeNorway
  11. AutoPilot


    Cold. Please at which temperatures you still fly. With me today is -7 ° Celsius. Is this still acceptable for a flight? Best regards from Austria
  12. L

    Battery Cold use?

    Hi I am sick to the back teeth of restrictions that DJI are implementing into each software/firmware update, always wanting to update to avoid issues I find that I can no longer enjoy flying my Phantom 3 ADV... This morning at 7am outside my place of work Fantastic colours in the morning...
  13. Snowboard.paul

    Flying the phantom 4 in snowy conditions..

    Hey whassup guys, I'm new to the forum.. Phantom 4 pilot for a few months now, getting used to it. My camera work isn't as smooth as I'd like just yet lol I'm here to ask you guys about flying it up in the alps, filming myself and our crew snowboarding. This was the main reason I've bought...
  14. K

    How Does Weather Affect Your Drone's Performance?

    Hi all, First off, I apologize in advance for the long post. Weather obviously plays a huge role in how your drone flies but it's not always clear how or why certain conditions affects your drone (especially for non-pilots). After researching online, on this forum, as well as from experienced...
  15. F

    Limp Roll on Gimbal

    P3P, boots up and operates fine almost all of the time. In cooler temperatures (15ºC is the warmest I've seen it happen) the ROLL on the camera gimbal goes limp. The gimbal seems to be functioning normally except it hangs to the left side. Tilt/Pan are fine, the roll just continually makes a...
  16. T

    Extreme cold temperatures and dogs

    Hi! I am planning to get me a phantom 4. Have had 5+hours on a phatom 3 and am really convinced. My main object for filming would be at work with huskies. I have been trying to search if its possible to turn off any ultrasound from the machine and I have got the idea that its related to the...
  17. Elysion

    [Solved] Major battery voltage deviation - Opinions pls :-)

    Hey guys, I asked this in the DJI forum but wanted some extra opinions, if that's okay :) I was checking out my flight logs and noticed major deviations in the voltage of my battery. Since the bird is pretty new (less than a month) and the battery has only been charged 3 times, I wanted to be...
  18. A

    Flying the P3P below 0 degrees Celsius

    Hi all, this next winter I will use my Phantom 3 Pro to film on high mountains, where the temperatures could reach below zero values. Did you ever experience this kind of flights? I suppose the problem is with batteries and ESCs, but what if we partially close with tape the air intakes of the...