1. RPP

    Einhyrningur - Highlands of Iceland

    The iconic one-horned mountain in the Highlands of Iceland. Shot with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2. Details and more images here.
  2. Wjm

    Winter wonderland in Switzerland

    Best wishes from Switzerland!
  3. Wjm

    Switzerland - Rambert hut POV

    The hut is at the foot of the Grand Muveran summit in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. From the terrace, you can enjoy spectacular views of most of the over-4000-metre summits that form the Valais Alps, including Matterhorn, Combin, Mont Blanc and Dents du Midi. Ibexes will often keep you...
  4. OOO

    A Lucky Day!

    While filming a mountain peak recently, I suddenly lost control of my drone for a few seconds, but quickly regained control and managed to save the drone just before hitting the mountain. Later, when I watched the footage, I thought that this might be due to a bird attack or strong wind. But I...
  5. DJI_0102.JPG


    Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch New Hampshire
  6. O

    Cinematic Drone Footage - Enoch, Utah | Towns in 4K

  7. electriclife

    Best Mountain Passes In 4K

    Passo San Marco - Bergamo - Italy. Shot with DJI Inspire2 & Zenmuse X5S. The San Marco Pass (Italian: Passo San Marco) is a mountain pass that links Val Brembana with Valtellina in the Bergamo Alps. History: In the late 16th century, the city of Bergamo and its surrounding areas were part of...
  8. electriclife

    Terra Magnifica - A Relaxing Cinematic Aerial Video Filmed in 4K In Europe

    A stress relief and relaxing aerial 4k video filmed in Italy and Switzerland, featuring the Susten Pass, the Matterhorn, the Stelvio Pass, Lake Maggiore, Hasliberg, Sardegna, Polto Quatu, Lago d'Orta, the Mottarone, the San Gottardo, Val Formazza, Gressoney, Sud Tirolo, Isola Bella, Tuscany...
  9. Zen Ho

    Mountain Castle.West Buffalo Hill

    Stone castle on top of buffalo hill
  10. Zen Ho

    Suicide Cliff.Kowloon Peak

    Vertical slope on top of Kowloon Peak, amazing view of Hong Kong City
  11. electriclife

    Cinematic Switzerland: Susten Pass IV - Filmed with DJI P4P

    The first snow in the gorgeous foggy Susten Pass, in the URI Canton of Switzerland. Views of the lake and glacier. The pass is a pristine, absolutely stunning location. The Susten Pass is one of the best 10 passes in Europe, featuring some of the nicest mountains in the alps. The cinematic video...
  12. electriclife

    Autumn In Italy. Cinematic Video filmed with DJI P4P. Featuring Cannero's Castles, Monte Rosa...

    Cinematic video of Italy's Autumn, seen through aerial landscapes and locations such as Lake Maggiore, Castelli di Cannero, Mottarone mountains, Monte Rosa's at sunset abandoned villas and castles and much more.
  13. furthertofly

    Autumn evening at Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

    Phantom 4 Pro +, medium-resolution JPEG version, HDR
  14. electriclife

    Susten & Gotthard Passes, Switzerland - Drone Footage

    Cinematic aerial footage of the Susten and Gotthard Passes in Switzerland. All footage was shot with DJI Phantom4 PRO in August 2017.
  15. Zen Ho

    Three Sharp Peak in Hong Kong, High Junk Peak

  16. Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

    Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

  17. N

    Mormon Rocks!!!

  18. victorymike

    Hogback Mountain, Marquette Michigan

    Today was a great day for another 5.5 mile hike (round-trip) to Hogback Mountain...60 and sunny. Its hard to believe that it is November 13th in Marquette Michigan. When MJ (he's 4) and I got to the top we had a little picnic and I flew my drone. Winds were fairly calm until we got to the top...
  19. SoCalDude

    Max Alt = 400', but POI = 600' How to do this?

    I have my P4's max altitude setting at 400'. I launch along the side a small mountain (gradual incline) and the Point-of-Interest object (POI) I would like to video is on the ground but 600' higher than my launch site. Technically, the POI is only a few feet above ground level (AGV). Will my...
  20. Zen Ho

    Table Land and Stone Forest in Hong Kong