1. Tyler Mason

    Snowboard drone video — in Los Angeles!

    My company was hired to provide drone footage (including a live stream) for Air + Style, Shaun White's event that has a snowboard competition and a bunch of live music. It was pretty crazy to see snowboarders and a huge snowboard jump in Los Angeles, but the event was great — and made for some...
  2. Snowboard.paul

    Flying the phantom 4 in snowy conditions..

    Hey whassup guys, I'm new to the forum.. Phantom 4 pilot for a few months now, getting used to it. My camera work isn't as smooth as I'd like just yet lol I'm here to ask you guys about flying it up in the alps, filming myself and our crew snowboarding. This was the main reason I've bought...
  3. nark

    Filmed in Austria @ 10,800 ft with P3P

    Hi guys! Just got back from Austria and wanted to share with you the movie filmed with P3P @ 10,800 ft @ -5°C (Some parts of the movie, the other parts are with GoPro 4 Black) Looking forward for any good or bad feedback! Thank you! PS: Watch in HD :)