F/STOP Lab's New Booster Test 4 Watt Real Time

Here's my first long distance snapshot with this booster, the smaller 9dbi maxxuav antenna, and a battery mod.

Even if it disconnects, the booster usually picks up the signal again. Since this was the first long distance flight, that distance was more than enough. This was also about the third time running the battery mod, and that worked legit.
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What kind of distance do you get with out the booster ,using just the maxx UAV panel. I'm interested in this set up. Nice and clean. But I have no battery mod and probly won't ,so a booster is probly not necessary. But , will a boosted set up allow you fly out 5-6000 ft and allow you to duck down below tree line without losing connection. Also what is your opinion on the smaller 2 panel set up. Thanks In advance

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You are only getting 7500 ft u boosted with the Maxx antenna? Something is wrong there. I get almost three miles with my small panel antennas unboosted in an area that looks more congested than where you are.
I see in your video that you are standing directly behind a tree. Why? You do know that the signal can not penetrate that tree, especially at such low altitude.
You should try again in a different area,maybe try flying to the left towards that huge open field...

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