1. KennethMcNutt

    I made this setup up on the cheap...It was Made to Beat my Stock P3P "P3PKiller ":)

    It is a Highly modded Phantom 3 Standard I call this my P3Pkiller!! Everything But the ArgTek can be bought for less than $100 Happy Flying everyone!! #BoostedP3S
  2. tml4191

    F/STOP Lab's New Booster Test 4 Watt Real Time

    Congested area test: Red Bars + Trees *RTH was manually activated on test 2* You can find it here at: DJI Lightbridge Long Range Antenna Mod for 5-10KM flight (4 watt)
  3. tml4191

    The Brand New Booster from FSTOPLABS P3P Preview R/C

    I have yet to test this, but here are some preview shots of the portable booster. Right off the bat the LED indicator is aesthetically amazing. The stock cables were used, but a cleaner setup can be acheived with some custom cut cables. This also depends on the booster's placement. Wedged in...