1. D

    First ever Drone Personality Test - What DJI Drone Are You?

    Ever wondered what drone fits to your personality? Try this really fun test to see which DJI drone suits your personality best. Share your result as reply. Maybe it will even help you decide which one to get. Click here to take the test: Quiz - What DJI Drone Are You?
  2. Green Phantom

    Return To Home Test

  3. JTC Films

    Droning around New Orleans! Enjoy the video

    Hey guys, just got back from New Orleans last weekend and man did I have a ball flying it around the city. Tried to capture a little bit of everything. Let me know your feedback on my video :) Give the video a thumbs up on YouTube if you enjoyed it! And happy flying
  4. R

    Goggles + PC Game HDMI test and opinions

    Hey, I tried out the DJI Goggles for a quick PC gaming session. It was completely plug and play with no hassles involved. Also, I apologize for the out of focus video quality. I posted in the wrong sub-forum yesterday too. Here are my opinions on it. 1. Unfortunately, the low latency head...
  5. J


  6. J


  7. R

    Tried A Tilt-Shift/Diorama Mini Time Lapse in Strong Winds

    Warp-stabilized Version Standard Version Hey, I ended up making a miniature/diorama short of the Mavic. I wanted to see how well and how long it would hover under strong winds and okay temperatures. The speeds vary between 100x and 4000x, with a reversed clip in there. Editing this was a...
  8. Zorro

    Slow motion test P4P

    I have just been on a trip filming some waterfalls and a cliff along the coast in Norway. Decided to test out slowmotion as I had filmed some close up of the waterfalls. Filmed in 60fps and and interpreted in a 23,976 sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. I have made a slowdown ramp down to 10% with...
  9. J

    Please help, did I brick my Phantom?

    So I made the mistake of ruining my motors by using mounting screws that were too long. Ruined the coils. I started the drone a couple of times and it had errors initially before I found out what was wrong. Not sure if the screws in the coils shorted anything out. I ordered new motors, the...
  10. tml4191

    Simple Dyed Prop Test vs Stock P4P

    I was under the notion that dyed props affect performance. A mod on this site reported that it didn't, so I went ahead and did a test, and the mod was correct. If you're reading this, then thanks for the correction. There's little to no difference in hover. If anyone is interested, then you can...
  11. tml4191

    How long did it take you to study for the 107?

    Just wondering... how much time did you invest to pass the test to become commercially licensed?
  12. Alex Assenmacher

    4k footage at sunset in Germany

    My latest video testing the DJI Phantom 4 Pro on a night/sunset location. Hope you like it!
  13. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO vs. PHANTOM 4 - Hover Test

  14. B

    Help assessing second-hand Phantom 3 advanced

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a second hand Phantom 3 advanced drone and would like some advice from experienced people, since I'm very new to the drone business: - I'm still hesitating between buying either a brand new Phantom 3 standard or a second-hand Phantom 3 advanced. Price is the...
  15. SoCalDude

    Record Time Between Test & Application Association w/IACRA?

    I completed and passed the exam at 220000Z and was able to associate it to the IACRA application form on 230045Z. (If you've taken the exam, you'll know how to read those times!) That's got to be a new speed record of 24.75 hours from test completion to application association (for someone that...
  16. tml4191

    F/STOP Lab's New Booster Test 4 Watt Real Time

    Congested area test: Red Bars + Trees *RTH was manually activated on test 2* You can find it here at: DJI Lightbridge Long Range Antenna Mod for 5-10KM flight (4 watt)
  17. Malakai

    A useful tool I use for pre-planning a shoot

    Google Earth Pro... with a little something extra!! As its free for a pro license now and its free to use I use the google earth program to pre-plan my shoots. To get a really good idea of what I want from the shoot and how it will look when Im up in the air. Before I have even taken off or...
  18. Phantomix

    All Polar Pro Filters Test (Video)

    I made a video testing most of the PolarPro filters. The only other ones are ones that are not commonly used like the ND64. I used these two packs: DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Professional Filter 6-Pack DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Graduated Filter Set And yes, I am 13 I tested: No filter Central...
  19. M

    Art vs. DLog Comparison Video

    Just shot this today over my house. Wanted to test out a direct comparison between the most commonly suggested picture style settings for the Phantom 4. I graded them in Resolve with the Blackmagic 4k to Rec709 LUT, and subtle saturation tweaks to get them to match a little closer. I just want...
  20. sudarwika_bali

    ARGtek 10dBi for Phantom 3 Standard

    Hi all, whether existing try argtek 10dBi antenna here ?? we get a 1500m or 5085ft it normal? or there is a 2km achieve? here is my video with 10dbi ARGtek Antenna. ps: stock antenna: 400m to 500m max range, with ARGtek 7dbi 600m to 700m max range. im sorry about bad english.