1. LonelyGod

    P4 Pro Range Extender Solution! Tx/Rx Antenna?

    Hey guys! I'm newbie. Cheers. I am working on boosting the effective RF range for P4 pro v1.0 and v2.0. (Guess the method should be the same despite Lighbridge for P4P 1.0 while Ocusync for P4P 2.0). Here are my questions concerning the range extending solution and hope you guys can help me out...
  2. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Pre-amped booster.

    Using a Immersion RF tester I found final output from booster was significantly increased by boosting the signal before a final amplification. Using a 3 or 4 or more watt booster does not mean you are getting the full power output.
  3. I

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0 . ...Not another 'Franken-MOD', No Velcro, Ty-Raps, Wing-Nuts, Brackets or Wires, Plug-N-Play, takes approx 2min to setup and/or take dwn, I built it with sacrificial conn's, has gotten extremely windy here so haven't had a chance to give it...
  4. chrislongley

    Basic Amplifier Question

    Just last night I installed an Itelite DBS extender. I managed a short flight earlier today to test it out. I still lose video signal before I lose controller function. If I get an amplifier can I get it to amplify the incoming video signal or only the outgoing control signal?
  5. tml4191

    F/STOP Lab's New Booster Test 4 Watt Real Time

    Congested area test: Red Bars + Trees *RTH was manually activated on test 2* You can find it here at: DJI Lightbridge Long Range Antenna Mod for 5-10KM flight (4 watt)
  6. IBV

    Weird antenna - booster problem. left side antenna?

    Hi there, Now finally I got all set up... and already run into a problem which I have no explaination for..: I got: 2 120cm long 12dbi TP-link omni-antennas on the roof. 2 Sunhans golden 3W boosters 2 10m long RP-SMA antenna cables from the confernece room to the roof. I tested the big...
  7. C

    RC mod: 2 x 5,000mW (10W) booster amps.

    This is a pretty powerful mod on the Phantom 3 RC that could solve some obstruction problems: