1. LonelyGod

    P4 Pro Range Extender Solution! Tx/Rx Antenna?

    Hey guys! I'm newbie. Cheers. I am working on boosting the effective RF range for P4 pro v1.0 and v2.0. (Guess the method should be the same despite Lighbridge for P4P 1.0 while Ocusync for P4P 2.0). Here are my questions concerning the range extending solution and hope you guys can help me out...
  2. Araya38

    4Hawks vs ARGtek

    Hey flyers! I have a Phantom 3 Standard and i'm debating on which range extender to get. The two that I'm looking at are the ARGtek and teh 4Hawks Raptor for the Phantom 3 Standard. Have any of you used either one of these? I can't find a lot of reviews on the 4Hawks. Whats your thoughts on...
  3. X

    Lightbirdge amplifiers

    Hello all I bought a lightbridge for my naza drone a couple of months ago. Because of poor range, I installed two hobbyking 2W amps on ground unit : things got worse, video got pixellated even at close range. The best configuration I found is to have one amp on air unit : gives about 1.5 kms...
  4. AvionicsAussie

    Any warnings, advice or tips on brand new P3S?

    I am shortly about to unpackage and initialize my brand new P3S, also I am in Australia (CE). But before I go ahead and do so, I would love to hear any advice or tips that may save my butt for down the track. I do plan on modding my P3S, Magic Power?Icarus? DBS antenna and then boosters...
  5. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Pre-amped booster.

    Using a Immersion RF tester I found final output from booster was significantly increased by boosting the signal before a final amplification. Using a 3 or 4 or more watt booster does not mean you are getting the full power output.
  6. I

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0 . ...Not another 'Franken-MOD', No Velcro, Ty-Raps, Wing-Nuts, Brackets or Wires, Plug-N-Play, takes approx 2min to setup and/or take dwn, I built it with sacrificial conn's, has gotten extremely windy here so haven't had a chance to give it...
  7. I

    Peace of Mind.. Antenna's Actually Tuned for our Drones

    . ...Most Antenna's on the market have poor Return Loss & VSWR specs and the Tuning varies Wildly, thats why you may find or read about 1 set of antenna working reasonable while the performance of another set by the same mfg is abysmal.. I recently purchased a batch of antennas that while within...
  8. F

    P3 4K Range Restrictions (CE) - What's Best?

    Hi All, I'm new to the site and figured you guys would be the best people to ask about range restrictions and what can be done to get more from my P3 4K as I only seem to get around 200m range. I've seen various pros and cons on ARGtek but not sure I'll be confident tampering with the...
  9. tml4191

    Fstop Lab's 4 Watt Booster for your P3/ P4 $250== NOW $175 Free Shipping

  10. tml4191

    F/STOP Lab's New Booster Test 4 Watt Real Time

    Congested area test: Red Bars + Trees *RTH was manually activated on test 2* You can find it here at: DJI Lightbridge Long Range Antenna Mod for 5-10KM flight (4 watt)
  11. tml4191

    The Brand New Booster from FSTOPLABS P3P Preview R/C

    I have yet to test this, but here are some preview shots of the portable booster. Right off the bat the LED indicator is aesthetically amazing. The stock cables were used, but a cleaner setup can be acheived with some custom cut cables. This also depends on the booster's placement. Wedged in...
  12. J

    P3S Range issues.

    Hey all! Picked up a Phantom 3 Standard this week, have done about 6 flights so far. I've lurked around here for a while, learned about how to use the Antenna properly and done some reading about the range boosters. Basically my issue is this. I live across the road from a Football oval...
  13. G

    Booster deciding need some input

    I own a p4 and im about to upgrade my range i know im getting sundans boosters.. i dont know which ones..i had a p3 and i saw where they ran 5.8 and 2.4 ..5.8 for controlling the drone and 2.4 for video .. do i need to do the same thing with the p4 or do i run two 2.4 .. because of...
  14. jeganx

    Question about 2.4Ghz amps

    Now since P3S and 4K used a 5.8Ghz and 2 2.4Ghz, installing 3 amps on the remote is practically weightlifting and you will soon get a cramp after the 3rd battery (I'm not into tripod yet). So I have been looking at the market and I found this: 5W double port 2.4Ghz amp. I searched for any...
  15. jeganx

    Can a 5V2.1A powerbank directly power Sunhans 12v1A 5.8GHz booster?

    Or do I need to find a voltage converter from 5V2.1A to 12V0.8A?
  16. IBV

    Weird antenna - booster problem. left side antenna?

    Hi there, Now finally I got all set up... and already run into a problem which I have no explaination for..: I got: 2 120cm long 12dbi TP-link omni-antennas on the roof. 2 Sunhans golden 3W boosters 2 10m long RP-SMA antenna cables from the confernece room to the roof. I tested the big...
  17. IBV

    Antenna jungle - inventory - What's out there?

    Hi there, Forums are full of threads about antenna issues and tips. Just thought to ask you ladies and gents what kind of antenna you're driving the P4 and what experience you got with it? This thread is not meant to cover long range or penetration values but just for interest as there are a...
  18. Giuseppe Finizia

    P4 Antenna Booster now available

    I wish to inform all the guys who own a 3D printer that it is now available on my Thingiverse page the 3D model of the "Range Booster" for your DJI Phantom 3/4 drone: DJI Phantom 4 / 3 / Inspire 1 Range Booster by giufini For those who don’t own or have access to a 3D printer, the Range...
  19. JDRMCB

    P3S Signal Loss Issue & Best DIY Booster Mod To Get?

    I'm still a newbie in the hobby with 46 flights under my belt since buying my P3S five weeks ago. (I have flown it at least once a day and the most was three in a day). I've been fortunate so far with only one "fly away" incident due to extreme upper level wind conditions that ultimately ended...
  20. M

    Move Battery out of Transmitter (P3P)

    I have a boosted P3 transmitter that was driving me nuts. Well, it wasn't so much the transmitter, but the batteries in general, I guess, and the bird can take some credit for some of this because I was running non-standard batteries alongside the standard batteries in support of extended...