1. JhonJungblut

    Two Phantom 3 Professionals, One iPad Mini 3

    First off it has been a bit since I chimed in with my previous Phantom 3 Pro problem. As most know I have since received a completely new Drone and Transmitter from DJI and have been flying it as often as I can. I have used for video coverage after flood damage washed out a road which...
  2. G

    I can't find the WI-FI network of the Phantom 3 standard on my Iphone

    Hello everybody, I start wishing to everybody an happy easter also even in this particular period that I hope finish at soonest. Being at home I decided to use my drone again which is a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I followed the whole procedure for the correct ignition: - Recharged drone battery...
  3. T

    Re700 not showing up on my android phone.

    Hi I have a problem with my Re700 range extender. It doesn't show up on my phone at all unless I reset it but when I bind it to the fc200 egg on my P2V it will reboot, which is normal but after that it's gone. Can someone please help me as I am new to droning.
  4. FlyingUser

    Wireless file transfer from the p4p?

    I am wondering, is there a possibility to move the original still and video files via wifi from the p4p? I don't fancy taking the microSD every day, neither want to wear down the microSD connector.
  5. B

    Range & WiFi issues.

    I’m Hey everyone. I’ve noticed my Phantom has had very limited range and has been disconnecting around 1,000 feet. I looked at the antennas on the feet and noticed there are only three wires on all of the legs, one leg does not have a wire. Is this a problem? On the other hand, my WiFi video...
  6. K

    PS3 Suddendly short range, Mode Changed to WiFi Reconnect?

    Hi everyone I buyed a broken PS3 over a year ago and could fix it after a few attempts. Everything worked okay and with an windsurfer I even managed to reach distances over 1km! But now from one day to the other I only can fly ca. 70m then the aircraft loses signal and returns home. In the...
  7. samartz

    Phantom 3 SE WiFi Drops Mid Flight

    Hello There. Over the past 4 months, I've flown my DJI Phantom 3 SE and I love it. However recently, I've noticed that the Wi-Fi completely shuts off during the middle of the flight. I have no cluie what to do. I have to manually land the drone, and restart the controller, which takes time away...
  8. chrislongley

    Any P3 4k Experts? - Tricky Problem

    This afternoon (at 12:54 see log below) when trying to update firmware from P3XW_FW_V01.05.0040.bin to the newer P3XW_FW_V01.06.0050.bin there was a failure about 60% of the way through. DJI Go App suggested after that fail that I try again, but I can't. The aircraft powers up and so does the...
  9. A

    Just starting need help

    Hi Everybody! Took my SE over to Green Lane Park. No WiFi at the park. One of the Rangers said I need a hot spot. Looked into hot spots but I saw some negative reviews on data costs and I don’t want a monthly service. What are my options? Thanks!
  10. Dfox3500

    WiFi Interference

    I have a upcoming event that will require me to fly my P34k near a crowed parking lot with lots of people who will more than likely be using cell phones. My question is, while I'm flying, will I get any interference from the Wi-Fi cell phone signals, that could cause me some issues or problems...
  11. M

    Trouble Flying with Modern Android Phones (OnePlus 5, Google Pixel 2)

    Hi, I've had trouble flying with a OnePlus 5 and Pixel 2. On both of these phones, I have two problems: 1. I can connect to my Phantom Standard's wifi and receive a video image from the drone, but the image is extremely choppy and only updates every 3-5 seconds. 2. When I get further than a...
  12. S

    P3 Standard vs P3 SE range in the UK

    I've decided I'd like to buy a drone for recreational use and I had decided on the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Then I noticed that the SE had been introduced with an extended range of approx 4km and 4k video - so I wanted that one. I'm a beginner but I want the best, most feature-packed drone...
  13. B

    Looking for repair in NH

    I live in Manchester, NH. Recently our Standard 3 has refused to connect to WIFI. I have tried every trick and suggestion I've found on forums and on YouTube, with no success. I'd like to avoid sending it to DJI. We all know that their "customer service" is anything but! Does anyone know of...
  14. A

    Phantom 3 SE Remote drops WiFis when batt levet under 50%

    Anyone had experience like this? It drops the aircraft's and the tablet's wifi too. First it dropped when it was around 60%, today it was about 50-55%. The plane just arrived few days ago, just has been charged 2 times roughly, hopefully will decrease the wifi drops after a while... I think it...
  15. M

    Trouble with OnePlus 5

    Hi, I've flown my Phantom 3 Standard just fine since I got it in February. I flew with my OnePlus 3T, and it worked perfectly with my phone. I have since gotten a OnePlus 5, and I have had severe connection issues with my Standard. It still works fine flying with my iPad, but with the OP5 it...
  16. David Cooke

    P4Pro Wifi HDMI

    I have a Nyrius 600 Wifi connected to a BlackPearl 7" monitor to allow a nearby observer to see what I'm seeing. Trouble is it's a bit bulky . . eats the monitor battery (maybe 20 min) . . . and has to be within 15-20ft for a decent stable connection . . . It's meant for indoor use. I added...
  17. J

    Wifi module, no FPV & possible solutions?

    I am hoping to solicit some information from this group regarding a drop in minimally invasive replacement for the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ and a failed wifi module. While I can still receive telemetry & take photos/video using the phone app I can no longer receive FPV which makes it difficult to...
  18. mikehhfx

    Ipads, Ipads and more Ipads, which one?

    Hi All Tired of trying to see my DJI Go on an iPhone and all my ipads are too old to work with the go app. So here is the question, what Ipad do I get?, I'd like a mini ipad, if I get one with just wifi, will I be missing the GPS functions in the GO app, will I see the map and where the drone...
  19. Uncle Stumpy

    I need a new device for my P3 Advanced - old wifi iPad no good

    My wifi only iPad worked for my P3 Standard but my new 3 Advanced doesn't use wifi, which is the point. Does anybody know if I get a new (used) iPad, do I need one with a phone contract? Or will they work just for the drone? Like what is called unlocked? I have no need for a cell phone so I am...
  20. N

    Camera showing disconnected after resetting cache and reinstalling app

    Camera doesn't show up on the DJI GO app, I've tried multiple devices both android and iPhone, I've reinstalled the app, delete cache data, and erased all content and settings from my iPad mini. Only after deleting the app was I able to get the motor running. And the RC Is now green and my...