1. N

    Phantom 4 Remote not connecting

    Hello all. I have 2 identical P4s and one of the remotes takes several attempts connect and display on the DJI GO app. The display says aircraft disconnected. After refreshing the firmware on the remote or waiting 10-15 minutes the remote will eventually connect but the video signal drops out...
  2. cakeonrice

    LCD Screen Replacement [Phantom 4 Remote with Display]

    I had an accident and my LCD on my controller cracked. I've been googling and googling and haven't been able to find a proper LCD replacement. The closest I've found is the entire arm and LCD shell, but it's more than $300 USD. I only need the LCD screen... or even just the glass! Other info...
  3. S

    Remote not powering up after failed update

    Hello, Please help. I film for a local high school team and 2 days ago when filming a message appeared "firmware update needed". so, I hit update and because I wasnt connected through wifi update failed. Immediately after, I went to film and remote would not respond. Took it home and googled...
  4. PaddyDelmar

    Remote wont charge or power up solution?

    If i leave my remote for longer than a week it will not charge and wont turn on or flash the lights. If i disconnect then reconnect the battery it starts working again. It will charge and work fine. So unless someone has another idea of how to solve this issue I am planning on installing a...
  5. G

    P3S, RC stuck on FW 1.7.90, CANNOT UPDATE, STUCK ON 1.7.90

    Hi guys, I never once had a problem with my P3S up until its recent 1.9.20 update. I updated via wifi and everything seemed to check out ok. After updating I tried to do a flight but I could not get the AC to connect to the remote. Link indicator lights were both red on the AC and the RC. Tried...
  6. Infinite_parts

    DJI GL300 RC not charging issue - how to fix?!

    Greetings, Pilots! Today I am opening new topic for DJI GL300 remote controller charging issue. Let's discuss varieties of errors and knowledge on - how to fix them. Let's suppose we have a GL300 (A/B/C) remote controller for our P3A, P3X AC. Everything is fine with connection between RC and...
  7. R

    Selling remote for Phantom 3 4k

    Hello, im selling phantom 3 4k remote perfect condition, used less than 15 times model: GL358wB
  8. P

    Phantom 3 Standard Connection Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm now. I recently got a phantom 3 standard without gimbal or controller that hasn't been activated yet. I picked up a used gimbal and a used controller and I'm having trouble connecting to the drone. I got my phone to connect to the controller...
  9. chrislongley

    Any P3 4k Experts? - Tricky Problem

    This afternoon (at 12:54 see log below) when trying to update firmware from P3XW_FW_V01.05.0040.bin to the newer P3XW_FW_V01.06.0050.bin there was a failure about 60% of the way through. DJI Go App suggested after that fail that I try again, but I can't. The aircraft powers up and so does the...
  10. B

    Phantom 4 Remote GL-300C - $125 Shipped - SOLD!

    I have a used Phantom 4 Remote GL-300C for sale. Clean and well taken care of. Asking $125 shipped to Continental US. Shipping to other countries additional.
  11. A

    Remote doesn't charge more than 95-96% for first time

    I may do something wrong, but this is my second P3P (first plane was faulty), and both (the first and this new one) charged just until 95-96% for first time... Is this normal? Will the battery take more charge after a time of use? Is it a fw error? I used a third party charger, but it works...
  12. A

    Phantom 3 SE Remote drops WiFis when batt levet under 50%

    Anyone had experience like this? It drops the aircraft's and the tablet's wifi too. First it dropped when it was around 60%, today it was about 50-55%. The plane just arrived few days ago, just has been charged 2 times roughly, hopefully will decrease the wifi drops after a while... I think it...
  13. C

    Linking my remote to a new drone

    After a tragic incident last year I lost contact with my Phantom 3 4k when I was flying it over water and it sunk to the bottom of the sea. I was thinking of buying another one, but I still have the remote and extra blades. Therefore I want to buy only the aircraft. Before I buy it, I just want...
  14. S

    No connection with the Remote

    Ahoy fellow pilots, as the subject says, there is a problem on my P2V+ with the remote controller connection. Same thing as shown in this video for P3: (original thread link: Standard - NO WIFI - NO SSID - NO CONNECTION WITH REMOTE CONTROLER) It all worked fine and then after the last flight...
  15. abridges01

    Ribbon cable disconnected in remote

    Purchased used P4 yesterday. Got it home to hear something rattling in remote control. I was concerned it might be something metallic, possible shorting out something expensive so bit the bullet and took the back off the remote. I removed the (non-threatening - of course!) black nylon plastic...
  16. drumrocker365

    S1 switch not working

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is due to a recent update to the DJI Go app and/or the firmware update on the P3S I recently did, but the S1 switch isn't working on my remote. It is stuck in GPS mode, and the switch to change to Atti or Intelligent Flight Mode do absolutely nothing. I'm a little...
  17. S

    Cyan colored led on P3A remote

    New to the forum and to the dji world So I just bought a used phantom 3 advanced, camera connected but did not fly. So I figured I should get everything up to date on firmware since the owner has not flown it in of 8 months. Well I thought I would start with the remote since the app said to...
  18. N

    Red lights blinking when I turn on the remote

    Hello guys ! I hope that this message finds you Well. Here's my issue : My phantom has been working normally so far, but today when I wanted to make it fly, it just kept blinking red. I then noticed that it happens as soon as I turn on the remote because when the remote is off, the drone slowly...
  19. tml4191

    p4p w/o GPS

    I just flew my p4p in a remote waterfall location, and the p4p did not pick up any satellites until it was up in the air. Once it started flying, it connected to only about 6 or less satellites, but it later loss connection to those satellites. Even with obstacle avoidance and all the sensors...
  20. D

    Phantom 4 Pro remote rental (UK)

    Hi guys, I am a post-graduate student studying in UCL and had arranged to be going out mapping using the P4P this Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately we now only have access to the P4P+ remote (with build in screen), which is unsuitable for us. Would anyone on here around the London area be...