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Phantom 3 Standard Argtek Mod + Thoughs

Discussion in 'Standard' started by LeftHandFlyer, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. LeftHandFlyer

    Jun 11, 2018
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    Hello there, I'm relatively new to droning though not to the remote control world itself. I just signed up, give or take 40 minutes ago, as I found this site fairly interesting and active. With school out and summertime in session before the dreaded college application, I thought I'd give my Phantom 3 Standard a try. With 5 batteries, I thought I'd be good to go until just yesterday I tried it out in my suburban city park. Drone chops out its feed at around 900 or so feet even with relatively good clearance so I found myself very limited with the same old same old. A bit snooping around, I found these two modifications for an extended range:
    - BluePhoton Argtek Range Extender
    - ITE LITE Phantom 3 Standard Range Extender

    The latter being more expensive than the first, I went the Argtek route even after hearing mixed reviews. Popped it on Amazon on Saturday, and got it Monday (today). The installation was very quick - roughly 15 or so minutes -, but thank goodness the factory silicon for the wirings came clean off with the stock wires. Popped 3 wires on with the satisfying clicks, adhered the wires with some hot glue, and used the 2 flat 2.4 and 1 long 5.8 for the first.

    2 Flat 1 Long Results:
    Pretty stable all around the range for around 2000-3000 feet radius and the video feed was very good with little lags.

    Then I tried a distance test.

    2 Flat 2.4 Ghz and 1 Flat 5.8 Ghz
    This one got me an average of 3000-5000 in my location with 91% humidity and cloudy skies. I was impressed. My maximum flight length for today was 5,622 feet! Crazy good for where I am - though I had to maintain a straight line with the tx and drone. But for a $280 Manufacturer Refurb drone, I am mighty happy with the results and more than I'll ever need. Here is an attached screenshot of this run:

    For a $45 upgrade from Amazon that more than 4x to 5x my stock range (900-1000 feet to 4000-5000) on a consistent level, I'd say this Phantom 3 Standard range extender is wicked smaht and wicked good. Was kind of suspicious of the product due to the bad reviews and people on here saying they only got 900 feet more or were able to only go 1000-2000 feet, but I'm glad the installation was wicked easy, quick, and rewarding.

    Any tips on a more mods/configurations to my Phantom 3 Standard will be appreciated - Peace Out
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