1. J

    Wireless interference 300ft away, will this fix it?

    Hello I have a P3S and when I hover around 200ft and fly it away around 100ft it starts to tell me “strong wireless interference fly with caution”. Then the video starts to get blurry and sometimes cut out. I’m thinking of getting the argtek kit to put on my controller. Will this fix the...
  2. T

    Argtek install issues on P3P

    Okay 2nd set of antennas. I pretty **** sure I'm doing everything right. Still no signal!! Does anyone have any issues or advice on this? Any help is appreciated before I order a new controller. Stock antenna got chewed up by a dog so reinstall in not an option. Can't find any OEM...
  3. New Phantom Owner

    New Argtek Mod Installed Today

    So today my Argtek Blue Proton range extender arrived. I immediately installed it and took to the skies. It had just finished raining in Watch Hill Anderson township Cincinnati Ohio where I live. I was only able to get out to 2,500ft in this area with probably over 1000 wifi networks interfering...
  4. LeftHandFlyer

    Phantom 3 Standard Argtek Mod + Thoughs

    Hello there, I'm relatively new to droning though not to the remote control world itself. I just signed up, give or take 40 minutes ago, as I found this site fairly interesting and active. With school out and summertime in session before the dreaded college application, I thought I'd give my...
  5. gmonatl

    Standard Phantom 3 losing datalink after argtek install

    I recently upgraded my antenna set to the Argtek antennas. My initial flights were very close mainly to test the connection and ensure the antennas were connected properly. Recently i extended to a longer test track. That's where the trouble began. I am losing some signal at a very short range...
  6. Araya38

    4Hawks vs ARGtek

    Hey flyers! I have a Phantom 3 Standard and i'm debating on which range extender to get. The two that I'm looking at are the ARGtek and teh 4Hawks Raptor for the Phantom 3 Standard. Have any of you used either one of these? I can't find a lot of reviews on the 4Hawks. Whats your thoughts on...
  7. A

    P3S Antenna cable broke. Should I go with an ARGtek

    Hello all, So the cable on the antenna where it plugs into the board pulled away from the connector. Tried to solder it back on but I think because of the shielding around the antenna wire I wasn't able to get it soldered properly and so I can only get about 200' away from my controller before...
  8. AvionicsAussie

    Help with Controller Direction to Bird - Standard/Argtek & DBS

    I am basically a new P3S pilot, I am based in Australia and have done the Magic Power upgrade (Best thing ever!) The issue I am having, is keeping the controller facing the drone. 1 small movement (like 1cm) will drop my signal from full to zero and vice versa. I do want to upgrade to either an...
  9. P

    ARGtek DJI Phantom 3 Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender Six (6) Antenna Kit NEW

    $9.99 Free Shipping Just ordered one off ebay. Don't know if this is a mistake or not , but worth the try. ARGtek DJI Phantom 3 Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender Six (6) Antenna Kit NEW
  10. R

    Standard ARGtek mod issues/controller issues (HELP!!)

    HELP!!! I have a couple big problems I accidentally clipped a wire when installing an Argtek range extender.. I have managed to get it functional, but I need help finding a more permanent fix. (picture should clarify issue) I also have heard that the P3S will only work well with a 2.4ghz...
  11. A

    Phantom 3 Standard - Argtek Issues

    I recently obtained an official, Argtek antenna mod, and to the best of my knowledge installed it correctly, with the white wire on the bottom, and i'm only achieving 200m out of it with constant interference notification popping up. I have flew my drone in this place multiple times at the same...
  12. F

    P3 4K Range Restrictions (CE) - What's Best?

    Hi All, I'm new to the site and figured you guys would be the best people to ask about range restrictions and what can be done to get more from my P3 4K as I only seem to get around 200m range. I've seen various pros and cons on ARGtek but not sure I'll be confident tampering with the...
  13. M

    Argtek Urban Environment

    Hi there, Bit of a background story. I bought my P3S in september after saving up all year. I finally got it, charged everything and got it up to fly. I was only able to go 30m high and around 50m away from take-off point. I contacted the store and i got another quad. Excitedly i reopened the...
  14. D

    ArgTek Issues

    Hi, I ordered and installed my argtek mod for my phantom 3 standard as I was not getting enough range at all. Installation went well, all the connectors 'clicked' and were glued into place. I took the P3S out for her first test after installation at the beach today so I had no obstructions. I...
  15. M_W

    Argtek for improving overall connection stability?

    I've had occasional issues with loosing video feed and weak signal messages, even when I'm not flying that far away. The Argtek's main selling point seems to be for increasing range, which I'm assuming would mean that the overall connection would be stronger at close range as well. One review I...
  16. W

    Standard Signal issues

    Hello all, I recently bought a phantom 3 standard off eBay (second hand), and have been flying it this week. I have found that the signal is poor and will disconnect at an altitude of around 100m (sometimes less) and can go no further than 200m in length. The camera would start to lag before...
  17. T

    ARGtek further range extension

    hey, just wondering if i could add some more powerful antennae to the ARGtek mod. like these: RP-SMA 2.4G 2.4GHz 20dBi Male WiFi Wireless Antenna Cable Linksys D-link Black however how would i go about the 5.8ghz side of things do i need some sort of special antenna or can i just use...
  18. Argoxp

    New personal record! (range)

    Hi all, well this morning with the help of my new ARGtek antennas I was able to reach 7277 feet or 2218m ! I wanted to share the video =D
  19. M

    Argtek mod... garbage?

    So I ordered the Argtek mod with 10dbi antenna last month. It arrived last week. I wanted to conduct pure range test (no wifi, cell tower interference) so I packed up my P3S and flew to Mexico City. Found an empty field with at least 10km of empty space. I performed the first test with the...
  20. R

    Different antenna upgrade configurations, which would you choose?

    I'm looking on this offering on aliexpress. Problem is need to choose between 4 different antenna configurations (choosing color on offering page). Which one would you choose? I guess the second one is closest to original ARGtek.