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Oct 30, 2014
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    1. thomasbode1980
      I'm told you may be able to help. Took it up to take some pics of fireworks. GPS signal dropped out and there are log errors of, "GPS Position NoMatch". Tried using attitude mode but the wind was picking up and I lost sight. Tried to find my way back using video feed but it was dark and couldn't see. I'm hoping you can recreate the flight path without the GPS by using the vertical, horizontal and other info.
    2. Mark B
      Mark B
      Wow Thanks a lot.

    3. air_onDrone
      i have a phantom 4 advanced drone and i have a gimble motor overload. can replacing the flat wire on the back fix the problem???
    4. Ronny
      Mr. Singer I need your help once again. My P4 will not start and I have no idea why. I flew yesterday and a great day now I get nothing
      until I bring it inside the house then the rotors start spinning. So I am assuming its something with the GEO but not sure.
      Please help me. I flew it in the same area I flew yesterday.
    5. ydk
      it is difficult to estimate the distance from objects like branches or structures. Are the goggles any better than what I see on the screen?
    6. ydk

      land survey with DroneDeploy all works great - until I sync my flight logs. When using Drone Deploy with the IPad mini 4, when I want to sync, the flights don't show.

      DJI go syncs all but not the Drone Deploy flights, i.e. flights with a 2nd party app. Yes I can retrieve the logs from the IPad but how do I upload/sync them to DJI?

      Any advice? you are very good.
    7. Dan Lee
      Dan Lee
      Mike, I'm getting a black rolling line occasionally on my P4P. Any ideas?
    8. Tay Sierra
      Tay Sierra
      Also I flew the P3 with the battery and hovered it for enough time to discharge the battery down to 10%. Flew fine.
    9. Tay Sierra
      Tay Sierra
      I imagine you have previously posted on this issue -- "Battery Error." you should land as soon as possible etc. This happened to me with my P3S today.. The same message came on both of my batteries. Both fully charged. On on the voltage of one cell was 3.65 while the other 3 it was 3.74 and 3.75. Is that enough of a difference to be critical? These batteries have only been recharged maybe 30 times at most.
    10. WV. Rootman
      WV. Rootman
      I just want to write you again and tell you, that I have great respect for you and your knowledge and skill. I always appreciate your responses and how you deal with things. You are very professional. You are an asset to your employer. Thank you.
    11. Helton Zanatta
      Helton Zanatta
      I am a new member, I have a problem. Images of video granulating in the epson bt 300 with drone phantom 4 pro, when I do not use the BT 300 with the drone the image is perfect, when I go flying it gets grainy and I can not see the images right, the appears. When I use the ipad the image is perfect. I'd like some help from the group. Thank you very much.
    12. Phantom3phawk
      Why when I use DJI editor, and apply contrast, brightness, sharpness, it looks choppy when finished, the raw video looks smooth,
    13. Gary Hec
      Gary Hec
      Having a hard time figuring out to send this your way it will only let me export to cvs ?
    14. andre renaud
      andre renaud
      Can you tell me why my P4P+ does not upgrade to 12/25/17 V01.05.0300 new panoramas modes the r.c. »saying » latest version!!!
    15. gertwahl
      My Phantom 3 Standard crashede from 2 meters in to a building made of wood, and after that the controller lost the connection - I recinnected the controller, but after that it seams that it take longer to connect the controller to the drone. Has anyone a semmilar problem???
    16. Moonpie
      If my home point says altitude 162 and I want my rth altitude to be 50 m do I add the 162 ft and the 50 m to get what I want or just put the 50 m in for the setting
      1. excelpest2002
        clear and put 60m is best
        Feb 24, 2018
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    17. Mascon
      msinger - - Thank you for the input.
    18. Mort3770
    19. Ronny
      Msinger I have a question for you my friend. I have a set of Samsung goggles for the Galaxy S8 Plus phone will they work?
      Or have you seen anyone ask this question before?
      Currently I have loaded DJI software and Litchie and every time I start it up it reboots my phone why?
    20. W4hyi
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