1. B

    P3 Firmware phantom 3 standard does not sync

    Hello and excuse my English, but I am from Spain. I have a problem with my phantom 3 standard. I am not able to synchronize the controller with the drone. I have tried every possible way and I can't. Then when I saw the txt file I have seen that the updates failed or are updating, but it does...
  2. R

    Fly with no camera

    Hi, Can anyone help or advise me is it OK to fly a Phantom Standard when the camera is not operational or if the SD card is not inserted. If it is OK to fly it without the camera working is it harder to fly it without the camera working …Thanks to all
  3. lucasudd

    Is my phantom drunk or something? (Phantom flips random in the air)

    Hello! So, i have been moving apartments last week and i was going to fly my phantom for the first time for 3 weeks. I came out, callibrated the compass as i always do and as normal took of. Suddenly my phantom did a HUGE FLIP and came down really HARD on the aspfhalt. Luckily it landed/crashed...
  4. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Range is less than 200 feet, Constant Connection Issues

    I'm having several problems that may all be related: I experience "signal lost" status and RTH kicks in whenever I fly about 200 feet away. I constantly have "Strong Interference: Fly With Caution" no matter where I fly (city or rural). I almost always have either "Weak Image Transmission" or...
  5. lucasudd

    One propeller running slower.

    I had a minor crash (low speed, tips of a few props clipped off, no other visible damage). I did not fly it again right after the crash. I bought new props and some prop guards which I installed. Now, when I start the motors with the combination stick command, the rear starboard prop spins...
  6. T

    firmware update P3S

    Hi all, I recently got a P3S as part of a trade deal with a friend for an RC 8th scale buggy. While I am happy with my end of the deal, the previous owner warned me not to do the firmware update on the bird as it would ruin it and restrict any flights I may have. Every time I connect my...
  7. T

    Hello from Oswestry Shropshire, UK

    Hello all, My name is Gareth I have just purchased a used Phantom 3 standard from a friend who got it in a deal for a Team Associated R/C 1/8th scale buggy. so I'm new to flying a drone though I've only flown this particular drone twice. It seems that the previous owner though has modified...
  8. Infidel0007

    Phantom 3 standard 1100.00 on eBay?

    Am I missing something here? How are these people selling 499 dollar Walmart dji standards 2.7k drones for 799 to 1100 bucks? Please LMK what I'm missing here
  9. H

    P3 Standard firmware mods

    Hi all, I can confirm/reconfirm that the modification of the flight parameters in firmware 1.09.0200 are possible. I am flying long missions using Litchi for over a year now and what I was mostly interested in was the removal of auto-landing on low battery. Instructions for how to are...
  10. Valhalla_Bound

    Torque sizes

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to replace the shell on my dji phantom 3 standard I was under the impression all i needed were a T6 and T8 but while trying to remove the camera I noticed the screws holding the covers for the antenna's was smaller then my smallest Torque which is a T5 can someone...
  11. Rohanm

    Drone survives epic crash - have others had this good fortune?

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone (sunhans boosted) survived a crash into a chimney of a DECOMMISSIONED power station. Crash was caused by loss of signal and RTH. The drone bounced on impact, tumbled and fell, though recovered soon after, returning minus an LED cover and with torn transfers caused by...
  12. D

    New, replacement P3S controller password?

    I just purchased a new replacement controller but cannot get it connected to the P3 because it will not accept what I believe to be the default password of 12341234. I have had amy P3 Standard for more than a year. My firmware is up to date. My DJI app is up to date. I modified my previous...
  13. D

    P3 Bird Side Mods for the 5.8 GHz

    Hello Drone Nerds. Lol I'm looking for a little recommendation. I'm new to drones and I'm a DIY guy. I love to restore something or make something better. After a crappy drone I brought a P3 SE. I have installed The Blue proton antenna set up with Alpha panels. I also installed some P3...
  14. LeftHandFlyer

    Phantom 3 Standard Argtek Mod + Thoughs

    Hello there, I'm relatively new to droning though not to the remote control world itself. I just signed up, give or take 40 minutes ago, as I found this site fairly interesting and active. With school out and summertime in session before the dreaded college application, I thought I'd give my...
  15. G

    P3S, RC stuck on FW 1.7.90, CANNOT UPDATE, STUCK ON 1.7.90

    Hi guys, I never once had a problem with my P3S up until its recent 1.9.20 update. I updated via wifi and everything seemed to check out ok. After updating I tried to do a flight but I could not get the AC to connect to the remote. Link indicator lights were both red on the AC and the RC. Tried...
  16. D

    Calling all Airports!!!

    Hello everyone! I live in a small town in the Willamette valley of Oregon, and I have a job to shoot a real estate drone video with my Phantom 3. Trouble is, this house is in the center of town, within 5 miles of 3 different airports! Two are privately owned, and one is owned by the city, but...
  17. D

    Phantom is Vibrating and video has MASSIVE jello.

    Hi, my name is Weston, and I'm trying to use my Phantom 3 standard for real estate video, but the bird vibrates like crazy, and the gimbal can't compensate, so video is unusable. I've tried shooting at 1/50th Shutter speed with a ND Filter, and that helps a bit, but video still unusable. I've...
  18. M

    Lost Standard North Wexford (Ireland)

    Hi Folks Looking for a little help please We were flying this morning and we lost the P3 Standard From memory, the App crashed and we reconnected but signal was very weak and ultimately when we tried to return home, the wind got up and we the drone lost the battle :( I have looked at the...
  19. M

    Phantom 3 Standard datasheet?

    Does anyone have a Phantom 3 Standard datasheet? For the main board and the gamble too, my drone is completely crazy, I changed the drone board but the gamble is too expensive to change so I was hoping to fix it.
  20. G

    Phantom 3 standard ribbon cable connector

    I have unfortunately broke my p3s gimbal and in the process broke my ribbon cable along with the connector. I can find the cable easy but does anyone know where I can find the connector