Jan 5, 2017
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Dear all,

You guys have been really helpful in the past, and I was hoping you guys might know what direction to head in. So I got my phantom 3 into a crash the other week and my gimbal still responds to the controller and reacts normally (moves up and down). However, there is absolutely no video/photo feed. The right-side column is grayed out on the app so I cant even go into the camera's options. I live right now in Scotland, but I bought the phantom in America (I am studying abroad). Should I get a new gimbal unit, send it back to the states for repairs (if possible), or is there a bigger problem that I have yet to uncover?

Many thanks,

Apr 22, 2016
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South Eastern Michigan
Are you also seeing the "No image transmission signal" message across the top of the screen?

Try replacing the flexible ribbon cable on the gimbal. That is the cheapest first step for your issue. ALWAYS get an original ribbon cable from DJI. You'll pay more for it, but it is worth it. There are cheap third party ribbon cables out there that claim they are for the Phantom 3, but most of the time they do not work!!

Replacing the ribbon is not easy, but it can be done by a "non professional" so you need not be intimidated by the task. Be very careful when removing and installing the new ribbon. They are fairly fragile and you can accidentally put a tiny tear in it that will render it useless. Use something like a Q tip to press the glued areas down, not something hard. Take extra care when sticking the ribbon onto the gimbal and camera so that it is attached correctly. I say this because sometimes if the ribbon is stuck on crooked, even a little bit, the camera will hit it and get stuck during the warm up dance.

You can do it, just follow these guidelines and you'll be ok.

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