gimbal problems

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    Phantom 3 Pro Problems

    Hey i have been searching help from all around internet but haven't asked here. My p3 Pro had small crash in low altitude and after changing the ribbon cable the camera/gimbal is not working properly. The gimbal shakes and goes into wrong directions. Also the image transmission shows only black...
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    No video feed!

    Dear all, You guys have been really helpful in the past, and I was hoping you guys might know what direction to head in. So I got my phantom 3 into a crash the other week and my gimbal still responds to the controller and reacts normally (moves up and down). However, there is absolutely no...
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    P3 Pro gimbal wobble and jerk

    I was out flying yesterday and a problem that happened once in a while started happening more often. Every so often my gimbal suddenly jerks down and to the left. It happened a lot yesterday, and this was the first time I was using the polar pro filters. I've read other posts on this issue...