gimbal cable

  1. K

    Remote keeps connecting and disconnecting (every 5 seconds) to drone after gimbal replacement

    Hi All, I've come across a problem with a standard when I removed the the camera (only the camera and arms, not the base that houses the wifi module etc.). Before removing the camera I as able to fly the drone and had connection to the DJI App throughout flight. I as also able to fly the...
  2. J

    No video feed!

    Dear all, You guys have been really helpful in the past, and I was hoping you guys might know what direction to head in. So I got my phantom 3 into a crash the other week and my gimbal still responds to the controller and reacts normally (moves up and down). However, there is absolutely no...
  3. G

    Replaced gimbal cable, video works but camera wont track

    So, my drone freaked out on me one day and came down and bent the yaw arm. I ordered another one AND the cable. I took everything apart and replaced both pieces. Made sure that the cable was installed correctly. I build electronic circuits so I am familiar with the ribbon cable clips and such. I...