gimbal broke

  1. A

    Phantom 3 Pro - Gimbal overheated

    Hello everyone, I have done a lot of searching but have not find a solution for my problem. Story: I was out flying with my drone on the Maldives (quite hot weather), had three batteries with me. Flew my drone and empty two batteries. Placed the drone in the shadow for like 20 min. Started...
  2. P

    Phantom 3 Pro Problems

    Hey i have been searching help from all around internet but haven't asked here. My p3 Pro had small crash in low altitude and after changing the ribbon cable the camera/gimbal is not working properly. The gimbal shakes and goes into wrong directions. Also the image transmission shows only black...
  3. G

    P3s gimbal tilt

    My gimbal has taken on a permanent tilt it seems. It points upward and to the right. And sometimes will glitch out and point downwards or at an angle as well. I haven't upgraded to any largest firmware and only one crash where the drone thought it was a racing drone and flipped upside down just...
  4. E

    Phantom 4 gimbal stops working in flight

    Hello. I have had my phantom 4 for a while now and I recently noticed when flying aggressively in sport mode the gimbal stops working. Is there anything I can do to fix this myself or do I need it repaired by DJI?
  5. I

    P4P Part's for sale

    Hi Guys, I'm currently selling the following P4P OEM parts from my drone with less then 25 flights (You can read my story below on how it happened and why). See all the listings here: gran_isai on eBay Happy to answer any questions or provide more detail about the parts. So here's my story...
  6. J

    No video feed!

    Dear all, You guys have been really helpful in the past, and I was hoping you guys might know what direction to head in. So I got my phantom 3 into a crash the other week and my gimbal still responds to the controller and reacts normally (moves up and down). However, there is absolutely no...
  7. P

    Gimbal arm twisted HELP

    Can some one link another post about same subject or give some good instructions. Help needed !!! Mine is twisted so the horizon is skew.
  8. T

    No power to gimbal

    I crashed my p3p a few weeks ago. Broke the gimbal arm and ribbon was shredded. I bought another gimbal/camera assembly and installed same. The cables to the gimbal from copter look good. No power to either gimbal or the camera any time...not even at power up. Copter flies without any problems...
  9. Tony Walker

    damaged P3A Camera

    Hi, I have just experienced a collision with my P3A, Some low flying across a field and barbed wire from a hedgerow caught the leg and slammed it in to the side of the hedge. The camera has been broken off the gimbal. I found it some distance away from the aircraft. Question: Is this a self...
  10. AngelPilot4u

    Tips and tricks to camera repair

    Tips, tricks and small trade secrets to repairing your own camera .... Steps to repair a damaged camera for all Phantom 3 types | Jogjasky
  11. L

    DJI Zenmuse X5 Gimbal repair?

    Hi, Not sure if I am posting in the right thread of the forum, apologies if not. My Inspire crashed and now the camera needs repairing. Any suggestions for where would be the best and cheapest place to have this done, UK or abroad? The silver element needs to be replaced and the band retuned...
  12. M

    Need help with a broken p3 standard gimbal fix

    First post. Flew my p3 standard into a wall the other day and I'm going to attempt to fix myself. After reading suggestions and watching YouTube videos I only have one more question. See the pic: what do I need to attach these two parts? Thanks for your help!
  13. D

    P3P Roll Arm Removal

    My gimbal roll arm is bent, I might need to buy a new roll arm and replace it. I might be able to just bent this one back, we'll see. How do you remove the roll arm from the yaw arm? Anyone have info or videos, was trying to find one on YouTube. I hear it's stuck together by magnets, but seams...