No Camera Status indicator light & "Gimbal Disconnected"

Jan 21, 2017
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Hey Guys,

Received drone around Christmas time, updated controller and firmware. Everything was good and ready to fly, but it was too cold out so Ithe drone sat, or was safely stored (in house since Christmas till now) camera worked great, recorded video and took pictures until today)

Now no camera status indicator light at all. No Image from camera, and tablet says "gimbal disconnected".
When I try to format SD tablet says "no SD card"

Drone flys great today - everything updated remote green and camera light was green after update.

I can control gimbal fin with remote so I know its getting signal, and I can fly drone perfectly fine.
I have tried unplugging and re-connecting cable btwn controller and Ipad, (as many have suggested in other threads), no cigar.

Any Ideas on how to get my camera back?

Thank In advance,

Additional info:
Phantom 3 Pro
no crash or hard landings
App version 3.1.2
Aircraft version 1.10.90
Remote Controller version 1.8.0

have tried multiple SD cards
Deleted and reinstalled app.

Please help, Running our of options

DJI replied and had me calibrate IMU and gimbal, and reset camera still with no success.

No Camera Status Light
Still "gimbal disconnected"
still reads "no SD card" when trying to format card in the drone.

Anything guys? Anyone else have this issue?

All Firmware is updated (See Image Below)



IMU Calibrated
Gimbal Calibrated
Still no Image on display
Still says "Gimbal disconnected"
Still no Camera Status Light
Tablet using:
Apple ME277LL/A 8-inch iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

Please help,

I have only flown this drone once, it is brand new.

Couple of things, have you tried another cable, or an android device to rule out the app. Is there any loose cables around the gimbal.

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Thanks for Reply!

Yes, I have tried different USB connections btwn controller and tablet
Tablet is apple iPad mini 2 w/ retna

I did not remove gimbal but connections I checked appeared tight - (The gimbal also responds to controller and moves fine on start up and motion tracking/stabilization)
I had the same issue with mine when I first got it... it would move when the quad was powered but in the app I was getting the error and no picture, it was the cable that connects to the body, not the thin ribbon on the gimbal, the one with 5 white cables, removed, re-connected and all is good after that.
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Hey guys, anyone else? Nothing seemS to power up on status indicator/ sad card reader
I would disconnect and reconnect both white ribbon cables going to the Gimbal. The other end of one of the cables connects to the VPS module so check/reseat that too.

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Fixed my issue by replacing the usb cable to the I Phone after back dating to the last update.

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