sd card

  1. ToxicGumbo

    Crash Repair (Ongoing)

    Hello, all. New member here. There's certainly no small number of "crash" threads here on PhantomPilots, but I thought I'd add my own story from a different perspective: I'm starting off as someone who found a crashed P3P on Facebook Marketplace and felt the challenge to make it fly again for...
  2. T

    What are your favourite P4P accessories??

    ive had my p4p just over a year now, love it to bits. but just wondering what all your favourite accessories are for it? I recently purchased a PolarPro Dronetrekker Backpack which is awesome, but I have a lot of empty space for stuff! I have 2 batteries, ND filters all the basic stuff! just...
  3. C

    SD Card Problem

    My SD card is empty after I downloaded previous footage and deleted contents on card after download. Now on net flight its says is cannot read SD card or SD card is full which is not the case. It seems like a formatting problem. How is that done? Regards
  4. T

    SD card in controller vs aircraft P4

    Can anyone advise on the different function fulfilled by the SD card in the phantom4 aircraft vs the micro SD card in the controller? Do they interact or have different functions? Where should the one with most memory sit? Thanks
  5. A

    Phantom 4 won't record photo or video

    Hi guys - so I just got round to setting up my phantom 4 today, I installed dji go 4 on my iPhone 6s and went to the field to start flying flew lovely really impressed. However it would not take photos or record video I tried 3 separate sd cards Samsung evo 64gb San disk untra 32g And the 16gn...
  6. S

    Not recording on SD Card that has room

    I've experienced a problem with an SD is a card (Lexor) I have been using without problems, but after taking it out (twice now), I find that it is not adding any new files even though the software is telling me that recording is taking place. Unfortunately, I didn't know until I got...
  7. B

    Photos saving to phone when SD card is full

    Whilst flying my Phantom 4, the recording stopped and said sd card full. A message popped up saying cache images and videos to your phones storage space. all videos were shot in 4k at 25 frames and all photos taken in raw with auto white balance. the question I'm asking is, is there a way to...
  8. V

    Phantom 4 Advanced Recording suddenly stops

    I have a P4 advanced. I bought a "San Disk Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB/s 633x" sd card. I formatted in the DJI Go App. When I have the settings set to the highest settings (4K) and I start recording, The video starts and then stops suddenly after a few seconds. As I lower the settings, I am able to...
  9. Zzzoom3

    Fast SD Card Offload

    Just received Lexar Pro UHS-II 64GB microSDXC. Did a write test from internal SSD to microSDXC and reversed it from microSDXC to internal SSD for read; six files totaling 6.1 GB sustained write average of 57 MB/s sustained read average of 125 MB/s Fastest SD card I have ever used!
  10. T

    Gimbal stop working after 10 sec, no video feed P3 4K

    Hello, I'm writing here cause I am desesperate .. A month ago, I had a brutal crash with my P3 4K. Of course the most fragile part of the gimbal broke, the yaw arm and the wire connector. I figured out that I could repair the gimbal and indeed I ordered the parts and eventually re-built the...
  11. biredale

    Unreadable SD card on PC

    Hi all, First of all, I am new to this drone and this forum! I took my very first P3 4K flight today and had a new SanDisk 64GB UHS-1 card (formatted in the Phantom using the Go app). Everything went well, I took some photos and some video during the flight. I stopped recording before I...
  12. J

    SD Card bit dodgy?

    Had my P4P a month or so now and had the micro SD card in and out a number of times but recently my new micro SD card sometimes wont click in right or when i try to remove it, it wont unclick i need to use tweezers carefully. Should I be getting this repaired or is this a build issue on them...
  13. TheCaveMan

    P4P+ Go 4 app - Editor

    Is it just me, or is there a serious problem w/ a lack of access to the files that have been edited in the Go 4 app? The only options I found is strictly to share to Social Media alone. If I use the Go 4 app's Editor to produce a mini-movie "on the fly", there is no way possible to access that...
  14. M

    I see my files on the app but NO way on my pc

    Hello guys is 12 hours I'm trying to download the files from the SD to my PC but no way. I try to look in the net and forums several hours but seams noone had my issue. I see the sd card is not empty but i can't see the files inside. i try both to connect directly the sd card to the laptop and...
  15. Skyler King III

    MicroSD card too slow?

    In my Phantom 4 Pro +, using a Lexar 64GB XC1 "633x" while recording video, I frequently get a message that says "video too slow" or something like that. Video stops. You can start again but stops every few minutes. This MicroSD card is blue and black. Comments and suggestions? I don't have...
  16. S

    No Camera Status indicator light & "Gimbal Disconnected"

    Hey Guys, Received drone around Christmas time, updated controller and firmware. Everything was good and ready to fly, but it was too cold out so Ithe drone sat, or was safely stored (in house since Christmas till now) camera worked great, recorded video and took pictures until today) Now no...
  17. DroneOnNDP

    Formatting SD Card in P4P Sorta Nukes Card

    Hi P4P fliers! I noticed that when I format the micro SD card in the bird it seems to sorta nuke the card since it not only clears the files (which of course you want), but also resets the card name and makes it so that some of my card readers don't work with it (I assume because they don't see...
  18. R

    P3S sd card

    Hi guys, I am having a couple of problems with my sd card, recently I bought a Phantom 3 Standard, it came with an 8gb Scandisk SD card that works just fine, but since I am filming in 2.7K it records about 23 min untill it´s full. I figured to buy a bigger Sd card so I bought a Kingstone 32gb...
  19. LouisQc

    Ask me to format an already formated SD Card

    Hello! Firts, sorry about my poor english level. So, when i put my 64G Card inside my Phantom 3 Pro, i see a advice to format my card. But, the card is already formated. But, to be sure, i reformat the card. Same thing, a warn to format my card. That said, camera record very well and all...
  20. J

    Videos missing from SD card

    Today when I went to import footage from my SD card to my computer most of the footage I had filmed was missing. I filmed some stuff in the morning, crashed (nothing too serious I'm pretty sure, it was a short fall and didn't even break a propellor so I assumed it hadn't taken any damage, there...