1. Tap2FlyCommode

    P4v2 - Sudden and Permanent Disconnect & Vanish

    I have looked over these logs from the Go App very thoroughly, While I am no expert flight data analyst, I have found nothing that can really pinpoint why the controller was unable to reestablish connectivity. It is not like I cut the engine and dropped it off a cliff. I have never had a...
  2. T

    Urgent help. APP DJI disconnected

    Goodnight. I don't know if it is allowed here, but I WILL QUOTE A PROBLEM I am having with my ADVANCED Phantom 4. Without any previous problem, my Phantom 4 ADVANCED does not turn on the DJI GO 4 APP or the LITCH (original). The Control is connected to the DRONE, executes all commands, turns...
  3. T

    Lost P4 Pro - disconnected during flight and battery died. Any hope?

    Hi everyone, I have a very unfortunate situation with my Phantom 4 Pro. This evening I was flying it about 1000m (distance) and 300m (altitude) over a forest when it lost the connection to my remote and iPad (I had previously flown it much further without any connection issues). At the time, the...
  4. V

    go 4 app defaults to Mavic Air

    Downloaded DJI Go 4 app, opened, selected "phantom 4 pro", enter device, next screen says Disconnected. Reboot app, defaults to "Mavic Air". Reinstall Go 4, same routine, Green light is on, (linked) but keeps saying disconnected. How do I get passed this ? The RC is linked with the ship, but...
  5. kilhan

    Problem with launching Litchi on Galaxy Tab S2

    I have problems with launching Litchi on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (even after uninstalling DJI GO 4). When I start RC and my Phantom 4 Pro and plug USB cable, Litchi always starts (is set as default), but showing the state DISCONNECTED permanently. Then I must restart Android, and often it is...
  6. C

    Phantom 4 not connected to Remote Control

    <UPDATE: Solved; see below> I have successfully used the Phantom 4 before today. Did firmware update to aircraft and now can't get remote control to connect with aircraft. Would appreciate any ideas, details follow: 1. Phantom 4 AC updated to firmware V02.00.0106 dated 2017-07-06 2. DJI...
  7. AceMark

    Brand new P4 Pro GONE

    Well fellow drone nuts I had a bad day this past Thursday. I took my new P4 Pro out for a flight around a dam/lake to collect some video. I fired it up and everything looked good.. no errors, no warnings etc.. I flew for about 10 minutes and all seemed well. My controller begins to beep and...
  8. P

    Aircraft Disconnected/Gimbal Disconnected/Battery Temperature N/A

    Hey guys! I just unbox my new drone, flew it once, charged the battery, was going to fly it again but then it said the following "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A" I have no idea what's going on. Help? The green dot in the gimbal is on.
  9. S

    P3 Standard disconnected with drone, connected with controller

    Hello, Almost every time I fly my P3 I turn my controller and drone on connect to the wifi with no problems but then in the DJI go app it shows "Remote controller connected. Connect your aircraft" When I try flying the done with only the remote it works fine but the app just shows...
  10. H

    P3P disconnected - weird problem. Pls help?

    Hello, A weird situation: I use P3P for several months, all working perfect. and suddenly when i started it 3 days ago - screen is grey and message "Disconnected" shows on top. i re-paired remote and drone, updated app, checked all settings and cable. Everything seems ok. i had no crash, no...
  11. S

    No Camera Status indicator light & "Gimbal Disconnected"

    Hey Guys, Received drone around Christmas time, updated controller and firmware. Everything was good and ready to fly, but it was too cold out so Ithe drone sat, or was safely stored (in house since Christmas till now) camera worked great, recorded video and took pictures until today) Now no...
  12. Alex007

    Tablet will not connect to camera.

    I bought a Phantom 3 Professional yesterday and set it up to set if everything is working. My android smartphone works 100% with it. I have had a P3 Std before so am familiar with the App. However when I connect my Samsung 7 inch Tablet to it, it recognizes that I have connected and the app...
  13. J

    Disconnected. Not able to fly brand new Phantom 3 pro.

    Hi all, Pretty new here. Just bought myself a Phantom 3 Professional 2 days ago. I really don't want make any mistakes and take all the precautions needed, but at this moment, after 2 days I'm starting the get a little irritated and impatient. My RC keeps displaying 'disconnected'. It worked...
  14. H

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy A hoping it would be sufficient enough to work with the Phantom 4 however when I went to use it the DJI Go App displays "DISCONNECTED" I have no idea as to why. Has anyone used a Samsung Galaxy A tablet to fly their P4? If so, what do I need to do to get it to...
  15. S

    Not connecting

    Ok I have done all firmware and software updates. I have only been able to fly twice since before the last firmware update. Now I can not connect to my drone in either program. Any ideas???? Thanks Freaking frustrated
  16. F

    "no image transmission signal" - "aircraft disconnected" after 1.flight

    Really appreciated if someone could help: - 1.flight out of the box was fine, forced me to do RC update and then I did aircraft update also - now I can't connect as dji app go says "aircraft disconnected" and under setting "gimbal disconnected" Almost tried everything - nothing helped -...
  17. Alfex

    Phantom 3 Standard Loses Video Signal Before RC signal

    So yesterday I flew my P3S about 600m away in CE mode all stock which was a new record for me and was getting the 'Image Transmission Signal Weak' warning and the video was really laggy and kept freezing however I still had full bars on the RC signal. I was wondering if this is normal as...
  18. JamesH

    New iPad--DJI Go App Disconnected

    I had a problem today and I wanted to share what happened and how I solved it, in case anyone else runs into this issue. I've had my Phantom 4 for about 3 weeks now and I use an iPad Air as the display for the DJI Go app. It worked well. Yesterday, I bought a new iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7". I did...
  19. D

    question on a cable that broke during crash

    So I think I got really lucky but still have not resolved my problem (but it happened last night) I was flying my drone and it was about 300 ft up when all of a sudden it started to spin out of control. There was nothing I could do but to jump in my car and chase down where it landed. To my...
  20. wieshka

    P3 Firmware Firmware V01.08.0080 connectivity issues

    So the winter is over (yes, did some flights over winter as well) and it is the time to clean the dust from my P3A and have some fun, so started with FW update. Few days ago DJI announced new Firmware - V01.08.0080, so I did the upgrade and now I am facing very annoying issues: 1) sometimes...