1. E

    Power form USB socket

    Hi all I am looking at putting some lights on my P3A. This will obviously need some power (12 or 5v). The different options I have read about/though of are 1) Open up the bird and patch in somewhere – not too keen on this idea 2) Patch into the battery – there seems to be some...
  2. S

    Has anyone had any experience with

    Hi there, I'm looking for an alternative to Lume Cubes for my Phantom 3 Standard. Specifically, I want to use the drone as a bright overhead light in the sky and film subjects on the ground, from the ground, with another video camera. Lume Cubes seem good in a lot of ways, but I'm hoping to find...
  3. Mark3710

    Anti-collision / Nav lighting

    I'm not a phantom owner yet but wanted to check in here for some help with something I'm developing. Recently I developed a LED lighting system for the 3DR Solo and am modifying it for any other drone including the Phantom series. Below is some information about the system and the...
  4. I

    Question about lights

    Can drone lights be individually turned off and on during night flights?
  5. T

    Best Lights to add to the Phantom

    I added Finger lights to the landing gear and it makes a big differeance!
  6. Jthomp

    All Drone lights went out on night flight

    P3S Drone was at about 150 - 200 feet altitude nearly straight up from launch point on a night photo flight over my town tonight. It had been in the air about 5-7 minutes on a fully-charged battery, flying in "P" mode, and holding position in a slight wind via GPS. Suddenly ALL the lights on...
  7. K

    Please Help- mysterious beeping from P3S

    Hello all, I am a new drone pilot and as such I immediately crashed into a tree. Now I am hoping some of the more experienced and tech savvy pilots will have pity on me and help me figure out the issues that my Phantom 3 Standard is having. I have scoured the manual and forums and have found...
  8. B

    Higher power/brighter strobe lights for P4P

    Hi all, I'm wondering whether anyone knows if you can buy brighter lights for the corners of the P4P that replace the standard ones?? To mainly aid with flying at night. Cheers, Boz
  9. PilotRyan

    Strobe for your Phantom

    Hello Phantom Pilots My name is Ryan, owner of MultiRoto a US based manufacturer and designer of the PROLITE strobe and navigation lighting system. I started out creating lighting solutions for FPV, LOS, and freestyle flying but are expanding the products to include other UAS, UAV, and drones...
  10. S

    No Camera Status indicator light & "Gimbal Disconnected"

    Hey Guys, Received drone around Christmas time, updated controller and firmware. Everything was good and ready to fly, but it was too cold out so Ithe drone sat, or was safely stored (in house since Christmas till now) camera worked great, recorded video and took pictures until today) Now no...
  11. jasonjlee

    Best Low-light settings

    Hi everyone, Since the Christmas season is here, I wanted to know with what phantom 4 settings I can capture the night lights the best with. I haven't used my drone for any night shots, so I'm curious as to what would bring the best quality out of my camera. I know some people have complained...
  12. Stingray14

    Double vision in night shots

    Okay before anyone offers ideas on changing my settings, let me tell you I am a 40 year photography user, and I have used every camera setting you can imagine, so its not a setting problem. I have been told that perhaps my lenses are not aligned and it does not show up except in night shots...
  13. SteveMLexington

    NEW Lighter Lume Cubes!!

    Haven't we all been waiting for these?! Life Lite - Your Everyday Light for any Lifestyle
  14. David Cooke

    Hacking 12v in P4 for strobes

    p4 is hard enough to keep in sight based on size and background light. Anyone know how to get 12 volts from inside to outside the case so I can add some long range strobes?
  15. rDp

    Strobe/Navigation Lights for P4 and P2V

    I'm looking for a supplier for Strobe/Navigation lights for my P4 and P2V. At a distance I am unable to identify via line-of-sight my flight direction. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  16. G

    Removed gimble due to crash, now only get flashing red,green, and yellow light on one side

    Ok folks, here we go again, After I crashed my P3S, I removed the gimble and put the battery back in and powered up the drone. I am now only getting red, green, and yellow flashing lights on one side. Is this because I removed the camera? Is it possible to fly it without the camera? Thanks in...
  17. C

    No Lights and Constant Beeping at Startup (Phantom 4)

    When I was updating my firmware, the cable connecting my phone to the phantom popped out. Now when I turn on my phantom, I get a constant beeping and a green to red flashing light above the sd card slot. The leds on the arms do not turn on as well. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix my...
  18. M

    Better explanation of the LED-lights signals?

    Hey guys! I've been browsing the net for weeks now, but still haven't found what I was looking for.. :-/ What I need, is an explanation for newcomers, on how/what exactly the flashes underneath the propeller, means. I've bought a Phantom 4 some weeks ago, and still can't figure out how to...
  19. C

    Front Red Lights Don't Come On Until...

    Hello, I just noticed today for the first time that my front red lights don't come on until I take off. It's a Phantom v2 plus. First I turned it on in my condo, and the lights were being funky. I can't remember the specifics. I think the rear lights weren't coming on. Then I took it outside...
  20. D


    Newby DanQ here. Hi to all. Looking to buy P3A. Inquiring and shopping. Probably going to sound like a newby question but do all P3A s have led lights under the body? I never see mention of them so I wonder if they are ad-ons or upgrades? Thank you. Danny